Beloved Ann Wigmore Biography

ann wigmoreThe Ann Wigmore biography (1909-1994) is the story of a woman deeply inspired to heal mankind via wheatgrass juice, a living foods diet, and natural health protocols. 

You can read more about Wigmore’s views on disease and natural healing here

This wheatgrass educator extraordinaire, was a woman amazingly dedicated to helping others get well especially through the Ann Wigmore Institute as the Ann Wigmore biography reveals, a true “how to get healthier” hero.

Wheatgrass Juice to the Rescue

The Ann Wigmore biography communicates that her personal natural healing experiences helped her find her mission in life as a natural health educator. When western medicine could not solve her health problems as an adult, she began researching and testing various natural healing foods and diet approaches which, she says, not only cleared up her medical problems but totally changed her life. 

In this Ann Wigmore biography and wheatgrass story, she largely credits the champion wheatgrass juice for allowing her to restore her health. 

In fact, because of her personal experience with the fabulous wheatgrass juice, she literally built a natural healing business that was able to utilize the wheatgrass benefits to revitalize those that came to her to learn how to become healthier and overcome their severe illnesses. 

In the Ann Wigmore biography, she claims to have naturally recovered from bouts of colitis, arthritis, migraines, gangrene of the lower legs and other health challenges. 

Ann Wigmore Says Good-Bye to Gray Hairs – Naturally

The Ann Wigmore gray hair story garnered lots of interest too. She claims that as an adult her hair had begun to turn gray, which later returned to natural brown after she became healthier. I would say just pull in more wheatgrass juice and living foods into your diet and note the changes that you personally experience. I am still trying to observe if I notice any reductions in my gray hairs…. 

From Raw Goat Milk to Grass, Wigmore’s Grandmother Knew the Powers of Living Foods

Wigmore writes in her autobiography Why Suffer?: How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally how her cherished grandmother taught her personally in war torn Lithuania, during World War I, how valuable the grasses were in healing. 

raw goat milk for healthHer grandmother was the local natural healer and village elder whose essential natural health treatment skills were greatly sought during the war. Wigmore’s grandmother treated many wounded soldiers with primarily the grasses in their fields, raw goat milk, and herbs – of which she had extensive knowledge. 

That’s right, raw milk from cows and goats has been highly nourishing man for thousands of years. 

Wigmore was a sickly baby and her arrival did not seem to come at a good time for her parents. Her father was especially uneasy with the growing awareness of the coming war between Germany and the rest of Europe. Wigmore’s parents decided to leave for the western hemisphere and left Ann in the care of her grandmother – “natures’ handmaid” as Ann lovingly referred to her. 

Her grandmother taught Ann about natural healing foods. The grandmother was certain any ailment could be overcome. Her grandmother did not believe, as many did at the time, that physical ills were caused by a vengeful being – either devil or God. Her grandmother believed physical problems came about from ignorance or not properly taking care of one’s self, in other words a man-made problem. 

Wigmore’s precious grandmother put her natural healing foods and tools to work to help Wigmore grow into a strong, healthy young girl. Her grandmother brought the unhealthy Wigmore back to health by having her consume raw goat milk, herbs and wholesome foods. 

Maria Treben, another one of my natural healing heroes, “cured” many people of life threatening diseases with almighty herbs and diet improvements. 

Later, in her teens, Wigmore was fortunately able to leave the war torn Lithuania and travel to New York in the United States of America in hopes of a better life and to meet with her parents that had left Wigmore shortly after her birth. 

Though Wigmore was thrilled to come to the United States, her new dietary habits took a heavy toll on her health, in addition to other challenges that were encountered….

Horse Pulled Wagon Flips and Shatters Both of Wigmore’s Lower Legs – Gangrene Sets In

ann wigmore run over legs gangrene recoveryAfter being in the United States for awhile, Wigmore developed a case of gangrene. She was working as a driver for her father’s bake shop in Middleboro, Massachusetts. She was actually in a wagon being pulled by a horse that had been abused all its life. 

One day when she was sharing the roads with other motorized vehicles, a roaring vehicle suddenly appeared from roadside. Her frantic horse took off, leaped a side ditch and her “rickety vehicle went over like an avalanche” pinning her under the “upset bed.” After she recovered consciousness in the Middleboro hospital, she said she was forced to eat the hospital food that made her even more sick. 

“When swelling began to appear above the casts, the bandages were removed, and I learned that gangrene had set in.” Her father, whom she was not fond of, wanted to take the advice of Wigmore’s doctors and have both of her legs, below the knees, amputated. She was told if she did not have her lower legs amputated that she would surely die. Wigmore was now 18 years old and staunchly refused. 

In her Why Suffer?: How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally at Amazon, an Ann Wigmore biography, she vividly remembered her childhood in Lithuania and the healing properties of herbs, grass and the power of faith.  

“I had seen many gangrene sufferers among the wounded German and Russian soldiers who were billeted temporarily in my grandmother’s house in Europe. I knew the consequences of the terrible condition when neglected, but I had also witnessed recoveries brought about by the care of my grandmother when she was able to provide her own methods of relief, rather than those of the medical doctors. I had also talked with many unfortunates, taken away to the great hospitals in the distant cities, who had come back minus arms and legs.” 

These previously viewed naturally healing experiences that occurred because of her grandmother’s natural treatments, largely shaped Ann Wigmore’s beliefs. These childhood experiences in Lithuania helped her conclude that amputation of her lower legs would simply not happen… 

“Three doctors came to my cot in the hospital and detailed all the horrors and suffering that gangrene occasioned. But I prayed silently, and although the pain in my legs was almost unbearable, my resolution was unshaken. Obviously distressed, they turned away, saying I was committing myself to a slow, agonizing death by inches, and that hell could hardly equal what I was in for. I thanked them for their interest, turned the upper part of my body to the wall, and prayed that God would not desert me in this hour of affliction.”

Regular Grass Heals Gangrene in Both of Her Legs

Because of her current gangrene condition, her sickly dearly loved uncle would carry Ann into the outdoor yard where he positioned her on a long bench so Ann could absorb the rays of the sun. Her uncle who was in such pain from his cancer also brought her flowers to eat. 

Gratefully, she was able to reach down and grab the grass to eat right from the earth, as she remembered clearly its healing properties from back home. 

As the days passed, Ann’s purplish legs actually began to heal – to her great excitement. Yes, eating the grasses right off the ground below her, allowed her gangrene legs to heal. Wheatgrass juice builds healthy blood cell count and is one of the most powerful natural healing foods. Certainly, mother nature had healed Ann. 

Because of this natural healing of her gangrene legs with grass, and also healing her faltering health from her poor new dietary habits, she was then on a mission to educate people on the wheatgrass health benefits with its invigorating liquid chlorophyll, and about healthy eating. 

She knew there were many wheatgrass health benefits, as she personally experienced them. But she first wanted to learn which species of grass would provide the highest nutrition…. 

Which Grass Has the Highest Nutrition?

She analyzed hundreds of different kinds of grasses. She noticed one grass seed that seemed to be healthier and heartier. It was the wheat grass. Research and lab analysis confirmed wheatgrass to be the most vital and possessing a number of elements beneficial to human health. Yes it was the “staff of life” that appeared to out-shine the other grasses. 

The wheatgrass benefits are very impressive.

Barley Grass Is Equally Healing

Do remember that the barley grass juice is equally healing though. It is also producing incredible barley grass benefits as this barley grass powder testimonial indicates where a woman says Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was overcome naturally with barley grass. I was surprised to learn of the numerous true healings occurring with the powdered barley grass too, though nothing can compare to the life force of the fresh squeezed barley grass. 

Wigmore also wanted to make sure from medical men that the liquid chlorophyll juice from wheatgrass was safe to drink. She was happy to find out wheatgrass was harmless if taken in reasonable amounts and would not complicate any health problem which might be affecting someoneShe found out from the Horticulture Hall in Boston that there were no poisonous grasses – the cereal grasses passed the Ann Wigmore health safety test. 

She knew eating the grass was beneficial, but she then surmised juicing would make the juice far easier to consume. Therefore, she invented the Ann Wigmore wheatgrass juicer by adding a sieve to a meat grinder, thus making it possible for those seeking to get well to now be able to juice their own wheatgrass. Because of wheatgrass juicers extracting the priceless wheatgrass juice, tens of thousands are now easily experiencing the wonderful wheatgrass health benefits.

Dr. G.H. Earp-Thomas Grass Expert of the World

Ann Wigmore wheatgrass health benefits pioneer met with an expert in grasses, plants and chlorophyll, soil analyzation and leading former “grass expert” of the world, the brilliant research scientist Dr. G.H. Earp-Thomas. Earp-Thomas spent 50 years researching ideal grass combinations for livestock. Earp-Thomas told her that from his extensive research, he already knew that the wheat grain was king of all grains. 

horses eat grass
Dr. Earp-Thomas said grass is the only vegetation located on the planet that will entirely support a healthy animal from birth to a prime old age. 

Should we be further exploring this highly prized food, the leader of the natural healing foods? Ann Wigmore wheat grass guru deserves much of the credit for bringing this stellar food source to the public’s attention. 

In fact, Dr. Earp-Thomas said to Ann: 

“You have been guided to the richest nutritional liquid known to man in the chlorophyll-rich juice of wheatgrass.

“This substance found in the blades of newly sprouted wheat, taken freshly-gathered and fed into the human digestive system every day, will add nutritive substances vital to health that have been removed or lost from many of the foods obtainable, foods that are not merely days but often weeks or months old.

“It is one of the most delicate liquids with which nature has endowed us, and must be used fresh…

“Wheatgrass chlorophyll may result in partially counteracting the damage which is unquestionably being done by chemicals which are being spread by the ton on our land.

“God bless you in your work.”

Yes, more profound words on the life supporting wheat grass. 

The essential whole wheat grain, which had been found in the tombs of the early Egyptians, was the winner of Ann Wigmore’s research. It was also the same wheat grass that Jesus spoke fondly about in The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book Four. 

You can learn more about the marvelous multi-use whole wheat grain

For the rest of her life, Ann Wigmore wheat grass spokesperson and also author of The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality at Amazon and The Sprouting Book: How to Grow and Use Sprouts to Maximize Your Health and Vitality at Amazon, worked tirelessly to educate others as to the unparalleled qualities of the rejuvenative fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice. She taught thousands how to grow their own wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass Retreats

She taught those at the former Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts about wheatgrass enemas. Enemas for health have been an effective natural healing remedy for thousands of years. 

These excellent wheatgrass retreats carry forth the natural health teachings and wheatgrass health benefits of Ann Wigmore.

Growing Wheatgrass Indoors at Home

With my easy to follow How to Grow Glorious Wheatgrass at Home Tutorial, you will grow beautiful batches of nourishing wheatgrass. 

Here is my wheatgrass forum with questions and answers on wheatgrass growing. 

Wigmore also taught how the live whole foods, fermented foods and sprouted grains help to powerfully nourish the body. Her healthy eating teachings were referred to as the Ann Wigmore diet. 

Her phenomenal, extremely dedicated, and long Ann Wigmore wheatgrass career includes writing, lecturing, and giving wheatgrass growing demonstrations in more than 35 countries.

How Much Wheatgrass Should I Drink?

You can learn how much wheatgrass to take here

Wheatgrass juice was definitely her primary get well tool. Countless people were highly nourished in the Ann Wigmore Institute. Her guests were taught about the importance of drinking freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice and eating more enzyme-rich foods that were raw, sprouted and unadulterated – the Ann Wigmore diet.

What Kind of Wheatgrass Juicer Should I Get?

You can learn about the best kind of wheatgrass juicer to look for here. Personally, I love my Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer. Here is my Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer review and video demonstration

Wigmore was vibrant, limber, mentally sharp and had loads of energy up until her incredibly unfortunate death, at 85 years young. 

She unfortunately and very sadly died due to smoke inhalation from an electrical fire at the Ann Wigmore Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Wigmore’s “wheatgrass juice usage for better health” legacy lives on and continues to dramatically change lives today. 

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Health Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

The Ann Wigmore biography clearly communicates the many health benefits of drinking wheatgrass. She has inspired tens of thousands of people on the merits of natural healing and led many forever grateful individuals with poor health back to vitality and wellness. 

Here are some interesting wheatgrass juice testimonials

thank you ann wigmore


  1. Ann has always been a hero of mine and a great inspiration. Her story helps me to know that God through Nature always has a simple healing answer for us if we just have faith in the answer that we are given. And then give that answer our full attention and 110% of our effort.

    I have read and heard many versions of Ann’s story, and yours is one of the best and also held many new clues into the life of this wonderful lady, Bless You!

    Happy Healthy Trails,

    • Beautifully said Paul! – “Her story helps me to know that God through Nature always has a simple healing answer for us if we just have faith in the answer that we are given.” All the best to you!

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