My Journey to Overcome Anxiety Attacks

I will now share my arduous overcome anxiety attacks story which preceded me finally getting well. It is true, I regained my internal balance again. I believe you will too! Your many performing abilities will resurface and true joy really does return.

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 Following is some of the history from the years of my frustrating nervous disorder and panic anxiety attacks episodes. Here is a short version of the steps I took for overcoming fear and anxiety and allowing my overly tired nerves to heal. 

  I remember when I was younger and I had no idea what anxiety even was. I heard the term, but definitely could not relate to it in my earlier years. Because of extremely unbalanced nerves being a new experience in my life, it took me awhile to realize my out of kilter mental and physical state could be attributed to overly sensitive nerves and how they can play out in various health symptoms and odd sensations in the body. 

Nervous Disorders Manifest with Many Surprising Symptoms

Please click here to learn of some very troublesome physical symptoms of anxiety attacks (I personally experienced most of those) which can be caused from a nervous disorder. 

I had my first anxiety attack and panic attack many years ago, at the beginning of my deterioration in health. I initially experienced about 4 panic attacks and luckily they then subsided. However, the severe anxiety attacks continued. 

  After my first scary panic anxiety attack episode, I was rushed to the emergency room not knowing why my body felt like it was going internally completely haywire. Tests were run at the hospital. All diagnostic tests were fine and I was told to follow up with my medical doctor. So, the next day, I went to my medical doctor. He thought I was just experiencing the results from stress, but I asked to please have a complete physical done to eliminate any other possible physical causes. (All test results came back fine.) 

I have to admit I was kind of embarrassed having to divulge to my medical doctor that I was having these scary, anxiety fear type thoughts, feelings, and strange symptoms. In fact, I do not believe I led on to how unnerving these feelings of dread and panic were that I was experiencing. I had a hard time finding the right vocabulary to describe just how I was feeling since this was such a new and perplexing experience for me. 

I additionally did not want my medical doctor (that I hold in high regard) to perhaps think less of me – though I now know that concern was unfounded. Chalk that up to my ego I suppose. If I would have opened up more and shared more, perhaps my doctor would have told me I had experienced a strong anxiety fear attack. 

[As a side note, many years later after I started figuring things out a bit better, I hesitantly told my medical doctor that I had actually experienced anxiety attacks and a few panic attacks. On some level, because of my malfunctioning nerves, I felt like a “failure” and that I had let myself and others down. I guess I wanted to appear like I had everything together, like so many of us I believe. He tried to reassure me and said many people are also experiencing anxiety.] 

Furthermore, I did not properly communicate my concerns because I was just so bewildered and afraid as to what was happening to my body. I just felt real “out of sorts.” I certainly could not believe that all my exacerbating symptoms were from stress. 

Can Stress, Worry, Fear and Tension Create Anxiety?

Well, since all the test results came back fine and yet my body was clearly still out of physical and emotional balance, I thought perhaps a good natural health practitioner could help teach me how to be well again. The natural health practitioner that I selected, stated maybe my mind was affecting my health. I did not completely understand what that meant, nor what to then do about it to correct things. 

I certainly had reduced my stresses and I had a great life. What could be wrong with my mind? It had always served me pretty well. I figured the natural health practitioner was wrong in her assumption. 

Well, as it turned out, she was actually right. My stressed out mind and bodily tension had contributed to my many physical symptoms. In fact, this stress led to a more toxic colon followed by my debilitating nervous illness. Once I started having these anxiety attacks, my mind – the way I feared my scary symptoms and sensations, then helped feed the perpetuation of even more anxiety attacks. 

Read some of the many distressing health symptoms that can be a result of an overly toxic colon. 

After I experienced my first distressing panic attacks, my caring mother purchased an expensive panic anxiety attacks relief program for me. I figured I would certainly be able to at least pick up some tidbits of good information from this mental health program. However, I did not truly believe overly sensitive nerves could cause the many debilitating symptoms that I was personally experiencing. 

I read and applied the panic anxiety attacks relief program and unfortunately experienced no results. My many mental and physical symptoms, and odd sensations were not relieved at all. Because of the dismal results of the panic anxiety attacks relief program, I further surmised I did not then have anxiety fear issues. Unfortunately, I then wrongly assumed my challenges were because of some physical issue not yet detected. 

Recommended Overcome Anxiety Attacks Naturally Program

You might want to read my Panic Away review as this is a highly rated panic anxiety attacks relief program you will really want to become aware of. I wish I would have found out about this particular excellent Panic Away program years earlier on my overcoming fear and anxiety journey. 

I learned about this severe anxiety attacks relief program later from one of the Health Banquet readers who highly recommended this overcome anxiety attacks program. Panic Away is a highly effective panic anxiety attack relief program that has helped many in overcoming fear and anxiety attacks. Definitely check out this overcoming fear and anxiety program. 

To continue, I just could not believe stress and anxiety could cause so much dysfunction in the human body. Besides I thought, if stress caused these problems, then surely de-stressing will reverse things. But de-stressing did not work. My body felt completely out of balance and could not seem to be able to reconfigure or break the vicious cycle I was trapped in. I remained so bewildered. 

Anxiety Attack Relief Supplements Helped Me

These anxiety attack relief supplements helped me overcome anxiety attacks.  

Gut Health Affects Brain Health

As I mentioned on My Story page, my nervousness symptoms dramatically decreased during and then after the Colonix colon cleanse. My happier emotions started returning during and after my colon cleanse experience, and I definitely felt more joyful after getting rid of so many toxins. I realized there is clearly a gut and brain connection and there is plenty of medical research to support that. 

Perhaps learning about the history of enema usage as a natural healing remedy that leads to better health and increased well being, will help you further understand the benefits of cleansing your colon. In fact, even Jesus Christ reportedly talks about the benefits of cleansing the colon

So yes, colon cleansing was a huge and very important piece of getting well physically and mentally. Please understand how cleaning out your colon will lead to increased nutrient uptake which will better nourish your nervous system. 

I know it is hard to believe – it took me years to grasp this very important health building concept, but cleansing my colon with the outstanding #1 rated Colonix cleansing program, had a huge positive effect on me both physically and mentally. 

Don’t be a block head like I was, trying to justify why colon cleansing really would not help my situation. Colonix really works and it is very effective. 

Alright to continue, though I was so much better off after the Colonix colon cleanse and it was a huge part of my getting well, I could tell my nerves were still overly sensitive. My body, though now much stronger from the Colonix intestinal cleanse, was still not totally balanced. My nerves were still overly reactive. 

My body was frequently in a high alert state. My body seemed to be stuck in the fight or flight response. This response would wear me out physically, emotionally and mentally. I could not seem to be able to stop that well worn pattern of experiencing anxiety and the following fear response. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to these occurrences of anxiety followed by tremendous fear. 

Little things would set off these overly sensitive nerve reactions and I could feel the adrenalin coursing through my body and veins. About the only television show that was non-adrenalin producing for me and that my body could actually handle me watching was the Antiques Roadshow. What a calming and peaceful show! 

Why Does My Nervous System Still Feel so Overly Reactive?

I could not understand why my body was still out of balance with all of the right things I had done. I had cleaned up my diet, pulled in nourishing foods and did the Colonix colon cleanse. Yet the anxiety fear pathways were too entrenched and I could not seem to reroute myself out of this frustrating cycle. 

Though my overall health had dramatically improved with the Colonix colon cleanse, and I felt like I was reclaiming my life again, I had to admit something was still not right. That was a remaining nervousness pattern that was pretty well established in my body and mind by now. I could not pull out of this deeply embedded pattern or body memory with my best efforts and intentions. 

I was embarrassed when I would visit my medical doctor once more with my concerns over the bothersome anxiety fear symptoms, only to be told everything is fine and that stress can cause these symptoms. 

I was disappointed that I had not entirely figured this get well health puzzle out yet. I just wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do to become my former healthier self again. 

With all of these health building tools applied in my life, how could something still be amiss? How could so many other people be handling their daily responsibilities with such greater ease than me I wondered. 

I was definitely celebrating from my huge improvements from my Colonix bowel cleanse, as written on my before and after personal health symptoms page. But why is this nervousness with its energy draining effects still holding on? Why does my body seem like it is stuck in high gear or “stress mode?” 

Well, my last anxiety attack led to me acquiring further mental health knowledge. This long awaited knowledge made it clear that yes indeed my many scary symptoms and perplexing sensations were truly being caused from overly sensitive nerves and their several surprising physical manifestations in the human body and mind. Yes, those nervous disorder symptoms can be quite sneaky! 

Simple Anxiety Recovery Steps

Click here for page 3 on the simple anxiety attacks recovery steps I took and also how I interestingly finally really got the fact that my fears and worrisome thoughts could truly contribute toward and worsen my overly fatigued nerves and their accompanying life impairing symptoms. 

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