Natural Cure for Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Severe anxiety panic attacks that came about from too much stress and a toxic body, ruled my life for too long. After years and years of incredibly frightening physical symptoms of anxiety attacks from worn out nerves, I am now completely anxiety panic attacks free and have reclaimed my life. I hope my natural anxiety cure and recovery story will be of value to you. 

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If you find a successful anxiety panic attacks cure at Health Banquet or elsewhere that helps you say good-bye to your physical symptoms of anxiety attacks or greatly reduces them, then please share your how to stop anxiety panic attacks methods here.

Because of what I went through and finding my anxiety panic attacks cure, and also learning how to take better care of my body and mind, I now feel like my capabilities are even higher and stronger. 

I will share all the steps I took to cure anxiety panic attacks naturally in hopes that this hard earned knowledge will bring you help for anxiety too. It is my desire that my anxiety panic attacks cure story will give you hope and the self help for anxiety tools to free from the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks too. 

I had, as mentioned, been experiencing severe anxiety panic attacks that had negatively affected my life on every level. I was not experiencing a little stress and anxiety here and there. My debilitating physical symptoms of anxiety attacks intensely rattled every cell and organ in my body and left me feeling like a “wet noodle” amongst a multitude of other personally experienced very scary panic anxiety attacks symptoms

I share that to let you know even longstanding and especially severe anxiety attacks can be overcome and emotional health be yours again, along with a strong and fully capable body and mind. 

Anxiety and nervous system disorders affect about 40 million American adults age 18 years and older. That’s about 18% of the people in this age group, in a given year, experiencing nervous illness. 

feeling trappedDo you feel like you are trapped in this prison of panic anxiety attacks? Are your nerves totally frazzled? Do you feel like your nervous system is over-reactive and has gone haywire? 

Well if so and if you suffer from a nervous system disorder, realize you are not alone. Many people have walked this enslaving and frightening path before and have gone on to heal their nerves, including me. 

They have freed themselves from the unsettling physical symptoms of anxiety attacks and overly tired and sensitive nerves – no matter how long they had suffered with this. I believe you can too. 

 Natural Anxiety Attack Treatment

The simpleaffordable, and natural anxiety attack treatment information mentioned here, will help you take the helm and navigate your “life” back to brighter days.
jesus at helm
 The personal experience or debilitating cure anxiety story I will be sharing, will cover the methods I applied that “gave me back my quality of life.” 

OK, so take the helm and let’s get started. You will reach that light in the distance… 

You might want to read my Panic Away review as this highly beneficial anxiety panic attacks relief program has helped many grateful people. 

Dr. Claire Weekes is My Hero

First off, you need to truly understand that your nerves can play many tricks on you. It took me a while to understand the signs of anxiety panic attacks. Once I understood the many fear promoting physical symptoms of anxiety attacks my nerves could cause me, I learned how not to let (or at least initially try not to let) those troublesome symptoms scare me anymore and then the long awaited healing was able to begin. 

The much esteemed self-help for anxiety master teacher, Dr. Claire Weeks, author of Hope and Help for Your Nerves at Amazon helped me tremendously with her overcome anxiety book. Dr. Claire Weekes has helped more people overcome their anxiety panic attacks and regain their balance once more than anyone on this planet. 

This self-help for anxiety book is a must have get well tool if you are dealing with severe anxiety panic attacks. Aren’t convinced, please read the many testimonials at Amazon and you will then purchase this book as soon as possible too. 

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get this self help for anxiety book and read it. Then keep it next to your bed or with you, so you can refer to it when those nasty severe anxiety attacks and panic attacks come out of the blue to rattle your world once again. And yes just when you think they are gone forever, and sneak up on you at the most odd times, have this book close by. You can then read and understand what is happening and follow her self help for anxiety panic attacks methods to “pass through the panic.” 

Excellent Claire Weekes Books
Audiobook CD's, and Audio Downloadables

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks are Surprising

To continue, you can learn some of the many surprising nervous system disorder symptoms and severe physical symptoms of anxiety attacks that about 40 million people experience in a given year. Yes stress and the age of anxiety is very much a part of our society. 

Those who understand the sensations of severe anxiety panic attacks, know how strong of a person you are to have gone through the fearful internal flash responses of these attacks. At times, the panic and severe anxiety attacks symptoms could be kind of similar to an electrical lightening storm going off inside the body and mind – never knowing when the next bolt will hit. The overly sensitive state of the nerves can create this feeling of the body going internally haywire. 

live overcome anxiety attackshighly charged electrical storms and am now enjoying calm weather. No more storms or “bolts of lightening” shooting through my body from overly sensitive nerves. I believe you can be enjoying “smooth sailing” in calmer waters and also start having more fun again! 

That’s right fun again, you will become the real you again! 

The alternative mental health information presented here will additionally help lead you to a calmer weather forecast. In fact, my predicted forecast for you is lots of sunny days with no chance of lightening storms. Yes, just like countless others before you, “It’s going to be a bright, bright, sun shining day…” 

If you experienced or are still experiencing many showers (lots of flowing tears), those showers will cease and a big bright beautiful rainbow awaits you. 

rainbow after anxietyLike all rainbows, there is a treasure at its end. However, your treasure is not pretend. It is the real gift or treasure of reclaiming your joy and balance once again. 

The turbulence will end and this unsettling storm will pass. Calmer days lie ahead. 

What Can Lead to Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks? 

Following is my simple definition of what I feel led to my raw nerve and severe anxiety panic attacks symptoms: 

Stress, worry and tension over time –> overly excited body and mind –> thus frequently releasing adrenalin –> overly sensitive nerves develop –> further firing off of adrenalin at tiniest stressor –> panic and anxiety symptoms –> fear of symptoms –> creates more adrenaline –> followed by more nervous symptoms –> more stress, worry and tension. 

Does this stress and anxiety chain of events sound familiar in any way to you? 

I felt that was my cycle that would just keep repeating and I could not break out of it. 

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Relief Supplements

Yes, this cycle and memory can run quite deep in a person. So if you need a little assistance with either an anti anxiety medication or anxiety panic attacks relief supplements to calm the nerves, don’t feel like a failure, or be ashamed. I bet you are very responsible and worked extremely hard to tire out your nerves. These are the excellent anxiety panic relief supplements that helped me. 

There is no reason for you to have to tough it out, especially when there are some very good more natural nerve calming products available now to help you. 

Sometimes the brain just kind of gets over excited after prolonged stress and stuck in high drive and needs a little temporary help disengaging and then shifting to a lower and slower gear. This lower gear is far more healthy and calming for the body and one’s mind. 

Steps I Took to Overcome Anxiety Naturally

After I had bid adieu to my severe anxiety panic attacks, friends and family of mine wanted me to share how I restored my peace of mind with their friends that were also highly impacted from nervous illness. Just like me, these people needed to hear a message of hope and to understand the steps on how others pulled themselves out of this cycle of overly sensitive nerves. Click here to learn of the steps I took to overcome anxiety.
Through this, I realized how so many people are suffering with life disrupting and debilitating anxiety disorders and nervous system disorders such as general anxiety, phobias, severe anxiety attacks, anxiety panic attacks and post traumatic stress. Nervous illness is a vicious cycle and one not so easy to break. But, with the panic anxiety attacks treatment information presented here, I believe you too can break this annoying cycle and get back to the life you were meant to live. 

Remember, take a little better care of yourself once you get to feeling better, OK? 

Prayer to Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

In my more desperately feeling moments, having hope that one day I would be well, was hugely important for me. In my darker hours, prayer and faith that one day I would be well again also helped me tremendously. This particular healing prayer really helped me. 

The reassurance and support of my family, and especially my husband, really helped while experiencing these severe anxiety panic attacks. To the right is a picture of my daughter and I (panic and anxiety attack free) when we went to visit my son at his week long Boy Scout camp. Yes, I was fortunate to have this family support. Please seek out those people who you love, who bring a smile to your soul and who can try to understand what you are going through. 

Receiving a Full Physical Will Reduce Your Fears

I received a full physical to rule out any physiological problems. The “all clear” test results definitely helped give me some peace of mind. 

Also, the journal that I kept helped me chronicle the healing that was taking place. Once the body heals, it is so easy to forget one’s former health predicament. 

By creating and sharing my hard earned get well and cure anxiety panic attacks knowledge and personal recovery story, I am trying to make lemonade out of those “lemony” health struggles. I hope my journey back to wellness that I have communicated, will help you regain or improve your wellbeing also. 

Please read my health recovery personal experience story to get an additional understanding of all the steps which led to the healing of my body and mind. 

Following is a little poem I wrote: 

Hope For You

Your nerves have gone haywire and darkness fills the skies
There appears to be no rhyme or reason for why
Your spirits are down
You feel like a great big frown
You have been brave to reach out for help
But perhaps nobody really knows just how you felt
Just when you think you are getting better
Your symptoms resurface and you again become a fretter
Well if you are looking to learn some lasting and valuable get well data
You just keep reading and it will set you straighta
For there truly is hope and healing available here with this wisdom
Many have healed before and it is time for your get healthy baptism
May the knowledge available here be the true catalyst for you
That will launch you to improved wellness, yes its time to renew!
God’s Blessings To You!


  …Also, always remember the value of a good hug. Here is a heart warming free hug video that will hopefully bring a smile to your heart.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Hugs to you too… 

Soaring Wings Await You

wings after anxiety overThough your nerves are overly exhausted and your “wings” are on hiatus, this is only temporary. Your glorious “wings” will be restored. My “wings” were in disrepair for a long time. But they really do heal. You see, I believe you will soar in life again and break free from severe anxiety panic attacks. If I did it, and millions more before you have, I think you can too. Yes it really is true, you will soar again! 

As your nerves settle-down, rest-up and recover, your body, mind and “wings” will mend and become stronger. 

Your physical symptoms of anxiety attacks will gradually start fading away. You will naturally want to take on more responsibilities. You will become highly capable again – an improved version actually! You will be ready to take flight.  

free at last eagle

Please let me know when you are soaring again and no longer experiencing severe anxiety panic attacks. You will have much more appreciation for your life after you are “flying” once more! 

I hope my anxiety panic attacks recovery personal story overcoming anxiety will aid you on your get well path. 

God bless you on your panic and cure anxiety journey. 

Please visit my site map (site index) with all of the clickable overcome anxiety attacks topics available for you to read. 

Ok, so let me share how I finally put together the last piece of my health restoration puzzle. 

Are you ready to learn about my natural cure anxiety story? Well, this page is getting kind of long so click here for page 2 of my anxiety panic attacks treatment information.

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