Barley Grass Juice Builds Health

Barley grass juice is a highly rejuvenating food for health. On my road back to wellness, I had the privilege of hearing about this excellent fresh green juice. It is a powerful superfood and is being used to fight different cancers, build blood cell count and energy, detoxify blood, improve asthma, and it is also taken as an aphrodisiac food. These are just a few of the incredible barley grass benefits being experienced by thousands of people. 

This remarkable food for health, is a member of the cereal grass family and is very similar nutritionally to the equally healing wheatgrass

barley grass evidenceThe evidence has been gathered and the final decision has been made. Processed and new-fangled “foods” are guilty of breaking down the health of mankind. 

Wrong eating habits, either intentionally or non-intentionally, and great losses of nutrients and vital enzymes lost during the technological processing, storage, and culinary preparation methods, do lead to the diet lacking in many nutritional factors. 

If you doubt this, please view the shocking nutritional video on my Dr. Weston Price page which shows incredible research work by Dr. Weston Price and images of the effects that a poor diet can have on the human body. 

Well, what can be done about this? One thing you can do is to make sure you first of all study where I will be “dishing out” plenty of natural vitality promoting “servings.” 

You can also make sure you are getting plenty of greens in your diet, and the fresher the better

But which green food with its vital liquid chlorophyll is the most beneficial you wonder. Well wonder no more. The cereal grass family “hands down” produces the most potent and body strengthening green foods. That would include the wheatgrass and the barley grass. But let’s zero in on the barley grass here… 

Barley is the Oldest Cultivated Grain

fresh barley grassBarley grains have been used to make bread and beer for thousands of years. 

But did you also know that the grass grown from these barley seeds or grains can be juiced to produce a powerful fresh green juice elixir. 

Yep, this glorious grass is full of astounding nutrition that will help you create better health through its consumption. How exciting is that! 

OK, I know drinking liquid grass is not a real exciting idea. But, when you truly educate yourself on this marvelous food source, you actually will get excited about consuming it. 

That’s right, you really just might want to pull this barley grass juice into your diet when you understand the potential for better health that exists from consuming this stellarever so humble, abundant, affordable, and non-patentable grass. 

Did you know, even Jesus Christ recommends consuming the cereal grasses for better health.

Barley Grass Juice is Deserving of Noble Prize for its Contributions to Medicine

This barley grass juice in addition to the blood cell building wheatgrass juice, kept coming up in my research as being a natural remedy extremely effective for improving one’s health as well as for even fighting cancer

The BarleyLife barley grass powder is easier to prepare than growing your own barley grass, and it is also tremendously powerful in its healing abilities. Take a look at this BarleyLife testimonial in which one woman attributes her overcoming her “incurable” Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to this highly effective barley grass powder. 

If you decide to grow barley grass and are having trouble sprouting your barley, then read this barley sprouting page

The stories I read and heard about from this green plant’s rejuvenating abilities, were absolutely amazing to me. There were countless people healing themselves from numerous ailments by primarily regularly consuming barley grass juice. 

Why in the world are these cereal grasses not being used in every cancer treatment center in the country I wondered? 

Can you even imagine the great health improvements that would result from dispensing fresh squeezed barley grass juice or wheatgrass juice in our hospitals? Do you think our health care costs would go down if this simple measure was incorporated? 

Countless testimonials of people making great gains in their health with the consumption of these superfoods, continued to come to my attention, especially while on my healing journey

Barley Grass Juice Tastes Mild

Barley grass juice is easier for me to drink. I find it much more palatable than the wheatgrass juice. It tastes more bitter than the sweeter tasting wheatgrass juice. But, I actually prefer the bitter taste. Many people claim it is easier for them to consume the barley grass juice instead of the wheatgrass grass juice. 

Some say they don’t experience a slight temporary nauseous feeling when drinking the barley grass juice like they do when they drink the wheatgrass juice. Everyone seems to prefer one cereal grass flavor over the other. My son prefers the wheatgrass juice. My neighbor also enjoys the flavor of wheatgrass juice. Others, shy away from the wheatgrass juice because of its taste.

Once again, we are all so different. You will have to try both of these energy promoting and body and blood detoxifying foods to determine which one you prefer. For me, though I prefer drinking the barley grass juice, I try to consume each of them. I rotate growing barley grass and wheat grass at home. Sometimes I even mix up the cereal grass seeds, half and half, in my black growing trays. 

Barley Grass Juice Benefits

Alright, here are specific attention grabbing healings and barley grass benefits that have reportedly come about from regularly drinking both barley grass powder juice or fresh barley grass juice. From natural treatment for pain reduction to natural treatment for overcoming cancer, the healing barley grass benefits reported are quite impressive.

  • Breast cancer overcome
  • Breast lump disappears
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer overcome
  • Cancerous tumors vanish
  • Multiple Sclerosis symptoms go away
  • Rapid recovery from hip fracture
  • Detoxification of common pesticides
  • Shows antimutagenic activity
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Decreases pain
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves immune function, increases stamina and endurance
  • Sense of wellbeing, more happiness and vitality occurs
  • Increases libido and performance ability
  • Builds blood – improves the blood count and anemic conditions
  • Helps the body and blood detoxify
  • Decreases body odor and need for deodorizers
  • Improves varicose veins
  • Rich source of liquid chlorophyll
  • Improves asthma and decreases respiratory congestion
  • Athletic performance improved
  • Muscle function increases
  • Arthritis improved
  • Tumor in dog disappears

Buy Barley Grass Growing Kits

Unfortunately, it seems like most juice bars only sell the wheat grass juice. So if you want fresh squeezed barley grass juice, you will most likely need to grow your own. It really is easy. I think you will enjoy growing it, and love the way it makes you feel. I teach you how easy it is to grow barley grass in my tutorial here. The instructions for growing it are the exact same as for growing wheatgrass. Here is my wheatgrass and barley grass growing supplies store.

I certainly believe this is the most economical way to obtain your organic, non-toxic, barley grass juice. What is great about this natural medicine is that it does not come with a long list of dangerous side effects that can possibly kill you! 

I also believe the “Mother of wheatgrass,” Ann Wigmore. She says nothing can beat the power of the fresh squeezed cereal grass that is loaded with life and in which all of the juice is intact, none has been evaporated away or removed. It is simply bursting with life and energy, energy that can only be found in a complete living food. 

This barley grass growing kit gives you everything you need to get started growing your own revitalizing grass, except for the cereal grass juicer. 

To help you decide which juicer is best for you, click here

This is the kit I purchased when I started growing my own cereal grasses. It is a great kit! 

This grass growing kit includes the manual Hurricane Juicer that operates off the grid, along with all the supplies you need to grow your own barley grass. I own the Hurricane stainless steel juicer and am very pleased with my purchasing decision. 

Will More Research Studies Make You a Believer in the Barley Grass Juice Qualities?

I personally don’t need to read more medical studies to somehow prove exactly which component it is within the cereal grass that is responsible for the miraculous recovery stories. I am sure more of these research studies will come out down the road. These future studies will give further credence to the scientific community as to this truly astounding antioxidant rich food source. 

There is even a promising research study done in which cereal grass juice was given to help offset the damaging side effects from chemotherapy

In the meantime, I would pull this powerful food into your diet and then you can personally experience the improvements in your health too. You have nothing to lose by incorporating this blood building best fresh green juice into your diet, and a lot of better health to gain. 

Favorite Barley Grass Juice Books

Green Leaves of Barley: Nature’s Miracle Rejuvenator at Amazon by Dr. Mary Ruth Swope presents dozens of healing testimonials that came about from drinking the restorative barley grass juice powder beverage. Some of these communicated barley grass benefits include: A will to live, “feeling 16 again,” blood count is normal, improved skin conditions, no longer bed-ridden, feeling “high,” full of energy, insulin requirements decrease, bone cancer gone, uterine cancer gone, kidney cancer gone, no trace of ulcers, leg pain decreases, liver spots vanish, calmed nerves, normal eye pressure, and finger nails stronger are just a few samples of the barley grass benefits and health improvements that were reported. 

Here I am with Dr. Swope, October 2010. To this day, Dr. Swope remains passionate about sharing the wonderful benefits of dried barley grass juice powder. Dr. Swope is a remarkable and kind woman, dedicating her life to helping others become healthier. God bless Dr. Swope! 

You will really want to drink some of the highly nutritious barley grass juice after reading this book. 

Green Barley Essence at Amazon by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, presents exciting scientific research on this detoxifying food. Dr. Hagiwara, the founder and owner of the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, lost his health from neglecting his health for too long and working with organic mercury. 

His physical and mental strength began to fail, his teeth decayed and fell out, and his hair turned gray at only thirty-eight years old. He was incapable of running his company’s affairs and went on a natural healing quest to regain his health. Despite being the owner of the largest drug company in Japan, he knew his wellness would not be found in a pill. 

After learning about the life restoring barley grass, creating a barley grass powder product, and pulling it into his diet, he regained his health and went on to live a long, healthy life. Dr. Hagiwara’s healing story is quite impressive. 

You can visit my cereal grass bookstore to see the additional books that will further “knock your socks off” about the merits of this excellent food. 

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