Barley Seeds for Barley Grass Growing at Home

barley grass seedsBelow you will find certified organic Barley Seeds to grow barley grass at home. You can buy this best sprouting Barley Grass Whole Grain in 4.5 lb., 9 lb., and 25 lb. bags. Also, you can order 30 lbs. of your whole sprouting barley grains in a large storage bucket. 

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This excellent Barley Grass Seed comes with the hull attached and the embryo perfectly intact, it is the whole barley seed, thus it will wonderfully sprout and grow into nutritious barley grass for you. Fresh revitalizing barley grass juice is right around the corner! 

Make sure you don’t buy hulled or pearled barley somewhere thinking it will grow barley grass for you. Learn why hulled and pearled barley will not sproutWhole Barley Seeds, with the outer layer hull still existing and the embryo undamaged will germinate.

How Long Will Barley Grass Seeds Germinate or Sprout?

Keep in mind if buying whole grain Barley Grass Seed in bulk, that the Barley Seeds, even if stored properly, do slowly lose their germinating ability or decrease their germination rate over time. If you buy the best sprouting Barley Seeds like presented below, they should maintain their germinating or sprouting ability for 2 years. If the Barley Grass Seed is stored in a dry and cool location, it could last much longer. 

Order Barley Grass Seeds

Have fun growing the best organic barley seeds to produce the remarkable barley grass juice

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