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If you have not yet switched over to certified organic Celtic Sea Salt, now is the time to do so. Once you start using the best Celtic Salt, you will never want to use processed salt again. I use no processed table salt in my food preparations. This is the fantastic sea salt I use. 

Celtic salt is much more nutritious than table salt. Since this light gray salt is unprocessed and hand harvested – dried by the wind and the sun – it retains the ocean’s moisture and a huge array of beneficial vital trace elements. Nothing is added (no drying agents here) and nothing is removed – a perfect composition of proportionate nutrients the very way nature intended. 

You just cannot possibly compare this mineral-packed rustic and old world flavored Celtic Sea Salt to chemically treated iodized salts and even some negatively processed sea salts. 

You can use this fabulous gray salt for all your cooking, grilling, and to flavor your raw foods. I enjoy using the finely ground Celtic Salt, and I don’t even find it necessary to grind it into smaller particles. I just take a pinch of the wonderful tasting light gray fine salt and sprinkle it on top of my foods. 

When I am using the coarse Celtic Salt, I find myself wanting to grind it down to smaller particles in my sea salt grinder before adding it on my foods. However, with the coarse salt, if I am making soups, it wonderfully dissolves with no problem – no sea salt grinder necessary. 

Celtic Sea Salt has the top reputation when it comes to sea salts. They are known to have a much higher mineral content compared to the other sea salts on the market. It is also an excellent natural source of iodine. 

Best Sea Salt from Sea Water Contains Minerals 

I appreciate the minerals (sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and selenium) plus trace minerals (such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese) and sea salt benefits in this outstanding seasoning agent. These nutrients are used to create electrolytes thus helping to maintain the “internal ocean” within our bodies. 

I trust the research on their unprocessed sea salt product having much higher minerals compared to their competition, and I just plain love the flavor it imparts to my foods. No comparison really! 

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Is All Sea Salt Good? 

Please don’t be fooled into thinking you are buying a healthier salt by purchasing any “sea salt” brand. When buying sea salt, you want to choose a natural “whole grain” salt, unrefined, natural colored, slightly moist sea salt – with no additives and all of its inherent minerals intact. 

sea salt fertilizationPlease be sure to read my Sea Salt Fertilization – Healthier Soil and a Healthier You to learn the profound benefits of sea salt and how it can dramatically help us.

If it looks perfect, it has probably been processed and stripped of most of its minerals. You want all of those fantastic “working in harmony” seawater minerals to still exist in your sea salt from the nutrient rich ocean. Thus, the blend of minerals will be perfectly proportioned and balanced the way mother nature intended. 

You can easily make the right choice with the high quality Celtic brand. I hope you are able to start using the Celtic Sea Salt in your cooking and food preparation. Once you have experienced how much better your foods taste with the best Celtic Sea Salt, you will never go back to processed, bleached, mineral deficient, unbalanced, and harmful salts again. 

Also, perhaps the above sea salt grinders and containers have given you some ideas of functional and charming ways to hold the highly prized Celtic Sea Salt in your kitchen. Have fun! 

Oh yes, here is my popular How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread – For Easier Digestion and Optimized Nutrition, in which I of course use the Celtic Sea Salt. 

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