Liquid Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass and Barley Grass is Rejuvenating

Liquid chlorophyll in wheatgrass and barley grass is a fantastic food that will bring captured sun energy to your bloodstream. The natural “liquid sunshine” health benefits from its high absorption leads to an incredible ability to rejuvenate and highly benefit humans when consumed in its raw enzyme rich state. It even builds a healthier blood count

chlorophyll in plantsThe picture of this plant specimen shows tiny round green chloroplasts in the plant cells that contain this magical liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll molecules are the essence of plant life itself. These chloroplasts actually circulate around within the plant cells. Kind of like a “green fluid dance!” 

What is Chlorophyll?

So just what is chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the molecule that traps this elusive power from the sun – and is called a photoreceptor. It receives the light and energy from the sun. Chlorophyll is what makes green plants, well green. 

Chlorophyll in wheatgrass absorbs sunlight and then uses this vitalizing energy to create carbohydrates from CO2 and water. This process is known as photosynthesis and is the basis for sustaining the life processes of all plants. 

Since animals and humans obtain their food supply by eating living plants, photosynthesis can be said to be the source of our life also. It is the life force for plants as well as the life force for us. It is powerful and natural raw energy at its finest. Alright, are you ready to watch a “green fluid dance” in action? Then just look below.

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Awe, the essence of life itself! The chlorophyll harnesses the sun’s energy in order to perform various metabolic functions within the plant. When we consume this living and raw liquid chlorophyll, that same energy then supports our critical metabolic functions.

Enzymes for Health

Additionally, wheatgrass juice and barley grass juice contain superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a potent antioxidant and has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities. The SOD is an anti-aging enzyme. And enzymes for health are essential for the functioning of the human body. 

According to Steve Meyerowitz, author of Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grasses to Revitalize Your Health at Amazon, wheatgrass juice is “a veritable brew of water, oxygen, enzymes, protein, phytochemicals, chlorophyll, carotenoids, fatty acids, and trace minerals all rushing to revitalize you.” 

German raw food pioneer, Dr. Maximilian Bircher, reportedly said chlorophyll increases the functions of the entire body including the heart, vascular system, lungs, uterus and intestines. The cereal grasses along with the algaes and alfalfa are the richest sources of chlorophyll on the planet. 

So wouldn’t you like to transfer this liquid life force energy into your body? Nothing like a “green blood transfusion!” Yes, fresh liquid chlorophyll is highly rejuvenating. Astounding improvements in health can be made from consuming this harvest from the sun.

chlorophyll life

“Drink chlorophyll from wheatgrass or barley grass
Reawaken your cells
Feel the healing
Come back to life”


How Fast is Chlorophyll Absorption Into Bloodstream?

Dr. Bernard Jensen, author of Chlorophyll Magic From Living Plant Life at Amazon, said he did not think anything will enter the bloodstream faster than chlorophyll. Liquid chlorophyll absorption into the bloodstream occurs very rapidly and with minimal digestive energy used. 

Consuming chlorophyll in food even has a huge effect on the nutritional value of eggs, including their egg yolks. When chickens are fed greens, they produce a nice rich orange color egg yolk. Within one or two days of the chickens eating the greens, this brightening of the egg yolk occurs. This shows the rapid beneficial effects to the body that can come about from taking in chlorophyll benefits. My chickens love eating wheatgrass to get their “edible sunshine,” it is a real treat for them! 

How About a Package of Sunshine? 

chlorophyll for health

We all depend on the life promoting sunshine. Well, liquid chlorophyll in food nicely packages up this sunshine for us. Wheatgrass and barley grass juice are the ultimate packages of the sun’s energy and are the best raw liquid chlorophyll nutrition – with all the enzymes and life force intact. Chlorophyll is only made when the sun is shining. Consuming raw chlorophyll in food is kind of like eating or drinking sunshine! So make yourself a glass of sunshine juice and come back to life! 

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Chlorophyll Benefits Include Building Red Blood Cell Count

One of the best foods for building the red blood count is the freshly squeezed green liquid chlorophyll in wheatgrass or barley grass. This BarleyLife powdered supplement is also incredibly good and very effective for improving health, as I know it is not always possible to juice your own cereal grass to obtain this excellent fresh liquid chlorophyll nutrition and food. 

However, nothing beats the life force of raw and freshly squeezed cereal grass juice. Plus, it is more economical. But if you go with a powdered cereal grass supplement, go for the absolute best in the market, BarleyLife

To continue, when the red blood cell count is increased, there are more red blood cells to transport the needed materials to various organs and parts of your body. The body can then better repair and rejuvenate itself. 

Natural liquid chlorophyll in wheatgrass and barley grass, truly builds the red blood cell count. In fact, read this wheatgrass juice testimonial of one reader who had a low red blood cell count and then increased her blood count by drinking wheatgrass juice – simple, safe, and effective liquid chlorophyll nutrition to the rescue! 

“Chlorophyll is the greatest food we have to bring someone out of anemia.”
– Dr. Bernard Jensen

Chlorophyll Nutrition Plus Other Healing Agents in Wheatgrass

wheatgrass chlorophyllIs it the well studied green blood like chlorophyll or the other near miraculous healing agents in the wheatgrass juice that are bringing, in many cases, astonishing health benefits in such short periods of time? 

Well, more wheatgrass research studies will continue on this amazing sun absorbing cereal grass and its awesome juice. But in the meantime, following are some interesting chlorophyll health benefits being achieved from drinking wheatgrass juice or barley grass juice. 

Liquid Chlorophyll Health Benefits in Wheatgrass

  • Liquid chlorophyll in wheatgrass is the main component. That alone would be enough to bring chlorophyll health benefits. Presented in its holistic health state, with appropriate enzymes and minerals, it is a powerful nutrient. Researcher Dr. Hans Fischer (1881-1945) and his fellow associates won the Nobel prize for their work studying the characteristics of red blood cells. One of the key points of the research found thatchlorophyll in wheatgrass juice and hemoglobin (the oxygen-binding substance in red blood cells) were nearly identical molecules.
  • Yes, wheatgrass juice is remarkably similar to our own blood. The only actual difference is that the central element in chlorophyll is magnesium and in hemoglobin it is iron.
  • Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C. (1908-2001), found that none of the blood builders are superior to green juices and wheatgrass. In Jensen’s book Health Magic Through Chlorophyll From Living Plant Life at Amazon, he mentions he conducted experiments where he took his patients, put them in a chlorophyll bath, and raised their blood count. He used mostly green juices from different vegetables, and he was able to build the blood count. These patients took a 30 minute soak in this warm chlorophyll bath, one third full. A daily bath over three weeks raised the blood cell count 400,000. 
  • He treated his patients with wheatgrass for more than 30 years in cases of anemia, muscle debility, and as a general health builder. Dr. Jensen said, “There is nothing that stimulates the formation of red blood cells better than chlorophyll-rich drinks.”
  • Once again, the synergistic healing components in wheatgrass including its natural chlorophyll, reportedly rebuild the bloodstream. Studies of various animals have shown chlorophyll to be free of any toxic reaction. In one situation, the red blood cell count was returned to normal within 4 to 5 days of the administration of chlorophyll to animals, even in those animals that were known to be extremely anaemic or low in red cell count.
  • Other researchers found that injections of liquid chlorophyll caused an increase in hemoglobin levels and regeneration over 50% higher. When erythropoiesis (the forming of red blood cells) is higher, oxygenation is higher leading to overall chlorophyll health benefits.
  • Farmers in the United States have put their cows on wheatgrass to restore their fertility. Read more about this reinvigorating, libido boosting food.
love birds

Raw Wheatgrass and Barley Grass Can Increase Libido Naturally

  • Chlorophyll in wheatgrass and barley grass is one of nature’s greatest healers for conditions inside and outside the body.
  • Chlorophyll has more trace minerals than any other food on land. Refined foods seldom contain trace minerals that are in their bioavailable natural form.
  • Liquid chlorophyll washes drug deposits from the body
  • Chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the body
  • Chlorophyll helps purify the liver
  • Chlorophyll improves blood sugar problems
  • Chlorophyll is antibacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healer. Yes, science has shown that chlorophyll arrests growth and development of unfriendly bacteria.
  • “Because chlorophyll is so much a whole food in nature, it can help man wherever he comes up chemically short of vital body nutrients. It will help any nutritional shortage,” Tom Spies, M.D.
  • In The American Journal of Surgery (1940), Benjamin Cruskin. M.D. recommended chlorophyll to clear up foul-smelling odors, neutralize strep infections, heal wounds, hasten skin grafting, cure chronic sinusitis, overcome chronic inner ear inflammation and infections, reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers, eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions, heal rectal sores, successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, reduce typhoid fever, and cure advanced pyorrhea in many cases.

Learn more about the marvelous whole wheat grain that is responsible for the wheatgrass and its regenerating green fluid. 

I hope the many health benefits of chlorophyll from this ideal liquid chlorophyll nutrition will inspire you to pull this fantastic food source into your diet. This impressive chlorophyll absorption and uptake will get this raw energy quickly bathing and nourishing your bloodstream and body. 

It is hard to believe that chlorophyll is only one of the many strong therapeutic agents in wheatgrass and barley grass. Now go and consume the health building powers in green foods and wheatgrass juice including the phenomenal green liquid chlorophyll so you can begin to personally experience the fantastic chlorophyll benefits and super nutrition! 

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