Dr. Claire Weekes Helps Millions Overcome Anxiety

Best-selling author Dr. Claire Weekes (1903-1990), Hope and Help for Your Nerves at Amazon and Peace from Nervous Suffering at Amazon, is widely acclaimed for her revolutionary approach for panic and anxiety treatment, and for addressing phobic disorders. She explains the causes of anxiety attacks as well as the, ever so helpful, signs of anxiety attacks and panic attacks. 

Dr. Claire Weekes taught revolutionary self help methods and remarkably effective anxiety treatment that have broken the debilitating anxiety cycle for millions, including helping to bring about anxiety recovery for me

Following is a testimony from one of my smart readers whose nerves have dramatically healed largely from reading Hope and Help for Your Nerves at Amazon by Dr. Claire Weekes and applying the amazing anxiety treatment principles within that gem of a book: 

“Things are going very well now. I am almost completely healed. I have taken control over my negative thought pattern, plus with understanding and acceptance following Dr. Weekes’s methods, I have never felt better.”

It really is true, each and everyday, people are reclaiming their quality of life, and shedding the anxiety baggage to be born anew. 

Overcoming Anxiety Is Achieved With Dr. Claire Weekes’s Simple Methods

claire weekesDr. Claire Weekes has achieved distinction as the first woman Doctor of Science at the University of Sydney, and was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to medicine. 

Her Pass Through Panic: Freeing Yourself from Anxiety and Fear audio recording at Amazon and video recordings are also available and are used in anxiety treatment centers around the world, with dramatic life changing results

She opened up new fields of thought in self help psychiatry. Her down to earth methods were highly regarded and her explanation on the causes of anxiety attacks were so simple to understand and rational. Her talent for helping others overcome their overly spent nerves led to her being nominated for the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1983, and once again in 1990. She was years ahead of her time and her anxiety relief techniques are as applicable now as they always been. 

Her remarkably simple and effective alternative mental health solutions draw upon her belief that the mind and body are inextricably linked. 

Because of her personal wish, her works on the causes of anxiety attacks and treatment for anxiety attacks, will remain available to restore peace to the bodies and minds of millions of eternally grateful people. 

Dr. Claire Weekes is a master at reassuring her readers, and listeners of her audio programs, that they’re not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them. 

Her step by step self help methods teach one to regain control over their state of mind. She will simply teach you how to cope with feelings of fear and dread. Also, unlike any other, she will help you thoroughly understand your many physical signs of anxiety attacks and panic attacks. 

Perhaps this healing prayer will also help you on your get well journey, as it helped me

Her easy to follow books, programs and techniques continue to be recommended by doctors, psychiatrists and therapists throughout the world. With Claire Weekes’s guiding words, many have found their anxiety disorder cure. 

Dr. Weekes is the first one that explained the causes of anxiety attacks and panic attacks and a simple solution to address them. Her anxiety relief advice may not seem like “brilliant” advice, but for those who have experienced this life altering cycle firsthand, they’ll recognize immediately just how right, insightful, and truly brilliant she really is. 

leftI am so grateful to best-selling author Claire Weekes for offering her simple and affordable self help approach to overcoming anxiety. Her two books, Hope And Help For Your Nerves and Peace From Nervous Suffering should go down in the hall of banishing anxiety fame. 

She is widely praised for her practical dealing with anxiety methods which work to detangle those tangled up in the web of bewilderment, habitual fear, stress and often depression. 

Her two books mentioned are what greatly assisted me in overcoming anxiety attacks that I had been contending with for several years. Her books, especially Hope And Help For Your Nerves, combined with some natural anxiety relief supplements greatly helped me overcome severe anxiety. Click here if you would like to learn about the anxiety relief supplements that helped me on my healing journey. 

If you have gotten to the point where you are afraid of your disconcerting anxiety attack symptoms, then Dr. Weekes’s anxiety recovery books are just for you. 

Remember, Dr. Weekes always recommends to get a full physical exam to rule out other concerns. That is what I did. 

The way Dr. Claire Weekes writes, it seems like she must have experienced the anxiety attacks herself. Her understanding of a person’s feelings and fears is extremely insightful and the way she writes with such clarity, comfort and non fear promoting is what has helped so many recover from anxiety in its many forms. 

Dr. Weekes’s Books Will Melt Away Your Fears

Dr. Weekes claims many people are quite surprised to learn that anxiety can cause so many symptoms. I was shocked to learn the numerous signs of anxiety. Dr. Weekes simply explains the myriad signs of anxiety. I list many of these symptoms and signs of anxiety attacks and panic attacks here

  Dr. Weekes will dispel so many fears a person has and help give a person confidence that the nerves can heal and that the nervous disorder symptoms will go away. Yes millions have found their anxiety disorder cure with Dr. Weekes. 

She so reassuringly teaches how not to be afraid of the frustrating symptoms and gives her self help simple techniques on how to not react and pass through or “float” through these symptoms. Here are some of the signs of anxiety attacks that she writes about. 

Many of her patients thought for sure something must be seriously wrong with them. Her patients were unaware that a pattern of fear and tension can cause so many frightening symptoms. Yes, fear can perpetuate the cycle of anxiousness. 

Dr. Claire Weekes says so much of nervous illness is no more than severe sensitization kept alive by bewilderment and fear. 

Sensitization is a state in which our nerves react in an exaggerated way to stress. The nerves may react with extreme swiftness, almost in a flash. 

I was amazed to learn that the fear of my symptoms was helping to keep this anxiety fed and alive. Bingo, not until I read her words did I realize I was so afraid of my anxiety attack symptoms thus shooting off more adrenalin which was exacerbating my symptoms. I will always be grateful for her simple and affordable anxiety treatment books which led greatly to my anxiety recovery. 

Unbeknownst to me, I was “feeding” the anxiety. I was not aware I was doing this until Dr. Weekes calmly and clearly laid out her help anxiety explanations and with great depth explained the signs of anxiety. 

Dr. Claire Weekes truly understands what the sufferer is experiencing and the frustrations of dealing with anxiety. Her techniques of acceptance show that by passing through panic, rather than trying to stop it, you find yourself much less fazed by the symptoms, rather than being afraid and shaken up by your frightening symptoms. 

This book should be in every doctor’s office. When a doctor understands their patient is experiencing strong anxiety, this book should be immediately recommended to their patient. This book would help nip in the bud the growing anxiety disorders physical and mental manifestations. 

This Effective Anxiety Attack Relief Program Further Promotes Dr. Claire Weekes’s Teachings

You might want to read my Panic Away review as this excellent anxiety attacks relief program is right in line with Dr. Claire Weekes’s writings, and has been of great value to many people. 

Hope And Help For Your Nerves Known To Be Best Known Therapy For Panic And Anxiety Disorders

Claire Weekes’s book, Hope And Help For Your Nerves, has been claimed by many in the psychiatric field, to be probably the best known therapy for panic and anxiety disorders. I agree. 

Weekes’s other book, Peace From Nervous Suffering, offers additional help for those suffering with the anxiety state and also presents special help to those dealing with agoraphobia. 

Others claim her works have done more to help phobic sufferers world-wide than all other treatments combined. After reading and following her teachings that helped me finally become anxiety free, I can understand why. 

Hope and Help for Your Nerves at Amazon was my most useful book. However, I obtained some nuggets of wisdom from Peace From Nervous Suffering which deals primarily with agoraphobia. 

So if you are dealing with anxiety, I highly recommend these books, especially Hope And Help For Your Nerves. Study her get better words and refer back to the books often while overcoming your anxiety. Please also let others struggling with anxiety know of her books. 

Dr. Claire Weekes states, “Hope And Help For Your Nerves is so successful because it offers what so many people have long searched for in vain – a simple, clear, full explanation of why they look at others in the street, thinking, ‘What has happened to me? Why can’t I be like them, be the person I used to be?’ With bewilderment gone, fear soon goes too, and with it, nervous illness.” 

Dr. Claire Weekes believes for lasting relief from nervous illness, one must find anxiety recovery by making one’s own efforts – studying and applying her self help anxiety relief teachings. She also supported the temporary use of tranquilizers to help get the upper hand in breaking the anxiety cycle. 

She also believed nervously ill persons who depend on tablets are like tightrope walkers trying to stay balanced. The teachings in Hope and Help For Your Nerves cannot only catch a person if they fall but also stop them from falling. 

I can’t wait until your anxiety disorder is no longer your day to day reality. 

I wish Dr. Claire Weekes were still here to thank her personally for her contributions to those suffering with anxiety and nervous illness. Well done Dr. Weekes

I especially like a quote by W. R. Houston which is at the beginning of Hope And Help For Your Nerves

“Many of those who suffer from nervousness are persons of fine susceptibilities and delicate regard for honor, endowed with a feeling of duty and obligation toward others. Their nerves have tricked them, misled them.” 

Yes, people with anxiety are intelligent, capable and conscientious people. Those suffering with nervousness have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Just like the millions of people before them, their nerves have just misled them. 

Recovery awaits you too. To learn the shorter version of my journey to overcoming anxiety attacks, please click here

If you would like to read the more detailed journey to overcoming my anxiety attacks, please click here

Dr. Claire Weekes’ books, Hope and Help For Your Nerves at Amazon, and Peace From Nervous Suffering at Amazon, gave me extremely beneficial anxiety treatment information to help address the causes of anxiety attacks and their symptoms. Her books played an instrumental role in my anxiety recovery. I hope Dr. Claire Weekes will help you find your anxiety disorder cure and that you will join the millions of others that are experiencing anxiety recovery. 

In case you have not seen it yet, here is a little poem I wrote. 

Hope For You

Your nerves have gone haywire and darkness fills the skies
There appears to be no rhyme or reason for why
Your spirits are down
You feel like a great big frown
You have been brave to reach out for help
But perhaps nobody really knows just how you felt
Just when you think you are getting better
Your symptoms resurface and you again become a fretter
Well if you are looking to learn some lasting and valuable get well data
You just keep reading and it will set you straighta
For there truly is hope and healing available here with this wisdom
Many have healed before and it is time for your get healthy baptism
May the knowledge available here be the true catalyst for you
That will launch you to improved wellness, yes its time to renew!
God’s Blessings To You!


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