Enema to Rid Body of Parasites Explained by Jesus

Water enema and intestinal parasites information is found in reportedly historical Jesus ancient manuscripts. These intestinal health teachings are written about in the The Essene Gospel of Peace: Book One at Amazon by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Szekely presents these very important healing teachings on flushing the colon with water to rid the body of toxic impurities and worms. 

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Believe it or not, these “body snatchers” have been inhabiting humans for thousands of years. In The Essene Gospel of Peace: Book One at Amazon from the third century, there was a passage in that little spiritual book on the benefits of cleaning the colon, including eliminating abominable worms from one’s bowel by flushing it with water. 

  Learn more about the history of the water enema that was used to flush the colon of unwanted intestinal parasites, worms and other impurities. 

To view a live roundworm and tapeworm in the human intestine, click here. You can also view a worm in the brain video and a highly educating worms and intestinal parasites symptoms video

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, the author of The Essene Gospel of Peace, beautifully translates Jesus Christ’s teachings. The Essene’s write, which Szekely translated, about the benefits of cleansing the colon with the angel of water. 

According to Szekely’s translation, Jesus said not only is it necessary to cleanse without, outside the body with water, but it is also necessary to cleanse within. If the insides of a person are unclean, they can be full of horrible abominations. These water enema for improved health teachings are below. 

Water Enema Ancient Manuscript Teachings 

jesus christ pryaing

  “And when they baptized themselves, the angel of water entered their bodies, and from them flowed out all the abomination and uncleannesses of their past sins, and like a falling mountain stream gushed from their bodies a multitude of hard and soft abominations.

“And the ground where their waters flowed was polluted, and so great became the stench that none could remain there. And the devils left their bowels in the shape of multitudinous worms which writhed in impotent rage after the angel of water had cast them out of the bowels of the Sons of Men. And then descended upon them the power of the angel of sunshine, and they perished there in their desperate writhings, trod underfoot by the angel of sunshine.

“And all were trembling with terror when they looked upon all these abominations of Satan, from which the angels had saved them. And they rendered thanks to God who had sent his angels for their deliverance.”

This ancient wisdom on worm inhabitation and removal can certainly help many suffering individuals. Yes, these writhing worms have been occupying the humankind host for thousands of years. And the water enema was certainly an ancient healing tool which is still just as beneficial today, as it was before, to help one become healthier and overcome disease. 

Taking care of your intestines will help keep these human intestinal parasites and worms at bay. Here at Health Banquet, I will also be covering which friendly bacteria rich foods like fresh raw milk can be incorporated into one’s diet to improve intestinal health and discourage future devitalizing parasitic reinfections. 

This hard to confront human intestinal parasites and worm awareness can also help one further grasp the importance of eating right, eliminating those refined white flour constipating foods and, of course, periodically cleansing the colon in order to better maintain one’s health. 

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Also, though water enemas are extremely healing and are wisely incorporated in natural healing clinics around the world, they will not cleanse the small intestine. Many intestinal parasites and old debris also reside in the small intestine. A good colon cleanse product will address the small intestine and the large intestine. 

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I hope you have enjoyed these ancient manuscript water enema teachings on how to rid the body of intestinal parasites and worms, as much as I did. 

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