What Are Enzymes for Health? Essential Types of Enzymes

  The different types of enzymes for health originate from living cells and are the substances that make human life itself possible. Let’s learn what are enzymes and the vital function of digestive enzymes in food. 

Enzymes are complex proteins that perform as biological change agents. These various types of enzymes for health, similar to “spark plugs” in your body, allow your body to exist. Every chemical reaction in the human body is “ignited” or occurs because of beneficial enzymes. Minerals, vitamins, and hormones can only work because of the power of enzymes. The human species is enzyme-dependent. Without essential enzymes, our lives would cease. 

Whereas vitamins and minerals are lifeless chemical substances, the different types of enzymes contain a vital force. Each enzyme contains a biological life force at its center. Enzymes bring this invigorating life energy to our bodies. When it comes time to maintaining our health and healing our bodies, enzymes are the “worker bees” that get the job done. They do the actual work to allow your many bodily functions and activities to carry on, day in and day out.  

Enzymes for Health Awareness Grows

In 1930, nutritional researchers were aware of 80 various types of enzymes, by 1968, researchers were aware of 1300 enzymes and today over 5,000 types of enzymes have been identified. Though much is understood about the vital role enzymes play in the human body, the more enzyme research that occurs, the more our enzymes health benefits awareness grows. And this below quote seems to indicate science may never be able to entirely figure out enzymes… 

“It is impossible at the present time to explain the behavior of living organisms on the basis of their chemical constitution.”
– Dr. K.F. Schaffner, University of Chicago, 1967

There Are Three General Types of Enzymes 

There are three general categories or types of enzymes for health: 

1) Metabolic Types Of Enzymes – play a role in running our bodies. Our entire bodies are operated by metabolic enzymes. 

swimmerThe metabolic enzymes run the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, breathing, nervous system, digestive system, behavior, and even our thinking. Every part in our physical being, our cells, tissues, and organs are run by metabolic enzymes. Each part of our body has its own specific metabolic enzymes allowing them to properly function. 

2) Digestive Types Of Enzymes – digest our food. The majority of these digestive system enzymes for health are produced by the pancreas. 

intestinesThe pancreas receive enzyme precursors from body cells or the bloodstream and the pancreas then provides the finishing work. These digestive system enzymes are secreted by glands in the upper part of the small intestine, the duodenum. 

They help to break down the already chewed food into smaller particles that can then pass through the small intestine, through the intestinal wall and directly into our bloodstream. These digestive system enzymes “change agents” convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into strong and well bodies, with everything functioning properly. These human digestive enzymes help in changing our consumed foods into new muscle, bones, nerves, skin, organs, and glands. 

Some of the more popular digestive system enzymes found in the digestive tract are pepsin, trypsin and peptidases which digest or break down proteins into amino acids. The lipases break down fats, and amylases break down starch into simple sugars. 

This third category of enzymes below, raw food enzymes, can be increased by your food choices and culinary preparation methods. Raw food enzymes for health are the enzymes that will be giving attention to. 

3) Raw Food Types of Enzymes – exist in the raw foods themselves and start breaking those foods down. Raw food enzymes for health have been affecting the metabolic and digestive function of living organisms for millions of years. Both plant foods and animal foods contain raw food enzymes for health. Traditional diets included enzyme-rich raw foods in both the plant and meat category. Traditional diets also included raw “fermented” or “cultured” foods that were abundant with life enhancing enzymes for health. 

fruit enzymesSome plant foods with higher raw food enzyme content are: Avocados, dates, papaya, grapes, extra virgin olive oil and other unrefined oils, figs, raw honey, bananas, mangos, kiwi, pineapple, and papaya. 

Health building raw milk, raw butter, seeds, legumes, nuts, and grains are also abundant in enzymes for health. Do remember that seeds contain enzyme inhibitors and that is why traditional diets implemented culinary practices to break down those enzyme inhibitors. 

I have a soaked grain bread recipe that is made from soaked grains, to thus break down those enzyme inhibitors. Proper grain preparation to break down those enzyme inhibitors is a wise choice to make. I explain the benefits of breaking down enzyme inhibitors here. In Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, the importance of soaking grains and breaking down phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors is wonderfully discussed. Here is my Nourishing Traditions cookbook review

Wheatgrass juice provides stellar nutrition and is jam-packed with phenomenal enzymes. I teach how to grow wheatgrass in my tutorial

It is also important to realize that in Dr. Weston Price’s research of healthy traditional peoples relatively absent of the degenerative diseases of today, there were no peoples that ate an exclusively raw food diet. I cannot communicate what percentage of calories you should receive from raw foods, as each person is unique. However, what I want to communicate is just how essential it is to consume these vitally needed raw foods with their precious raw food enzymes. 

Enzyme Deficiency in Our Foods Leads to Enzyme Deficiency in Our Bodies 

The enzyme destruction through the “pasteurization” of our food chain is having detrimental impacts on our health. To extend the shelf life of our foods, foods have been pasteurized and denatured thus destroying those essential to life enzymes.

Additionally, if a food source is found to perhaps cause damage to consumers’ health, is the supposed solution to pasteurize or radiate all the life out of our foods? The solution is to deliver a healthy food product in the first place, not destroy all enzymes in the end product to try or hope to more easily or cost effectively avoid problems. For the cost we pay with those failing strategies is the break down of our health. 

The human species cannot survive on enzyme-less, denatured, pasteurized and radiated foods. As we consume an over abundance of these processed and lifeless enzyme deficient foods, our health becomes compromised. We absolutely must be consuming these enzymes for health in our diets from fresh raw foods. 

Raw milk is a fantastic enzyme rich beverage that has nourished man for thousands of years. And it is such a simple way to help pull in those essential enzymes into our diets. Please make sure to view the Dr. Weston Price video that depicts beautifully healthy peoples, with exquisite facial structure, when raised on traditional unadulterated diets. We need to embrace the culinary practices and diets of the past, with plenty of enzyme rich foods, that our ancestors flourished on. Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon teaches about traditional ancestral diets consumed by peoples that led to superb health. Here is my Nourishing Traditions review

Raw Food Enzymes Decrease the Body’s Demands for Its Own Enzymes

Dr. Edward Howell, pioneer enzyme research author of Enzyme Nutrition, believes the human body has a finite number of enzymes for health. Yes the body produces enzymes for health, but Dr. Howell believed they are limited and it is best to take in raw food enzymes to preserve our inherent enzymes so they can optimally perform their many metabolic functions. Cooked foods require the body’s “limited” enzymes to digest these enzyme deficient foods. The enzyme energy used to digest these cooked foods could have otherwise been used to run the many other maintaining and healing operations of the body. 

Alright, so we understand just how critical the types of enzymes for health are to the functioning of the human body. Let us make better effort to include the precious life promoting raw food enzymes for health in our diet. 

Additionally, here is a quote from Dr. Edward Howell communicating just how important enzymes for health are to our length of life and quality of life… 

“The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism. The increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential.”
– The Enzyme Nutrition Axiom, Dr. Edward Howell 

Dr. Howell believed that “many, if not all, degenerative diseases that humans suffer and die from are caused by the excessive use of an enzyme deficient diet.” Also says Dr. Howell, “With all the billions of dollars spent on university and private research, it seems amazing that the cause of our current health crisis could be so clear-cut and simple.” He believed enzyme depletion and aging go hand in hand in both lab animals and the human species. 

Dogs Eating Enzyme Deficient Diet Experience Same Diseases as Man

Dr. Howell mentions that our canine pets, now being fed these same enzyme deficient diets, are experiencing the same diseases as man. Whereas animals in the wild with their enzyme rich diets, are largely disease free. In fact, Dr. Howell also states that in the animal kingdom the animals bury or cover their foods to allow the raw food enzymes to begin predigesting their food, before they come back to eat it. Later consuming this predigested food, allows the animals to further preserve their own valuable enzyme supply. 

At What Temperature Are Raw Food Enzymes Destroyed?

Enzymes in our foods are destroyed at a wet-heat temperature of 118° Fahrenheit, and a dry-heat temperature of roughly 150° Fahrenheit. 

Raw Food Enzymes Are Tremendously Healing

Further research indicated to Dr. Howell that raw food enzymes contribute to improved health by reducing the body’s digestive burden. Could the abundance of raw food enzymes for health in wheatgrass juice be the reason for the incredible health improvements being experienced by tens of thousands of people.

These raw foods and wheatgrass retreats have a long list of healing testimonials from those who have chosen to increase the living foods in their diets and experience the raw food enzymes benefits. Wheatgrass guru Ann Wigmore taught until her death about the critical value of consuming living foods with their raw food enzymes for health. 

Human Enzymes Become Weaker As We Age Therefore, Boost Your Enzyme Intake

Dr. Edward Howell author of Enzyme Nutrition at Amazon, believed the human body has a finite number of enzymes. Yes the body produces enzymes for health, but they are limited and it is best to take in raw food enzymes, to preserve our enzymes so those pre-existing enzymes can optimally perform their many metabolic enzymes functions. 

Not only are our enzymes limited according to Dr. Howell, but they also decrease in potency as we age. Says Dr. Howell, “Dr. Meyer and his associates at Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, found that the enzyme of the saliva in young adults was 30 times stronger than in persons over 69 years old.” OK, and I say, well we just have to work at things a little harder as we go through the aging process. I am not going to concern myself with just how good my personal enzyme supply is nor with how strong they are. What I will focus on is trying to keep my enzyme consumption high as I go through my life. 

We need to be cognizant of this decreasing enzyme fact and continue to pull into our diets those living foods that we now know are critical to our existence. Additionally, consuming living foods with their raw food enzymes for health plays a large role in keeping poor health at bay. 

The good news is that through consuming more of these living foods and raw juices, you yourself will feel more “alive.” This enhanced “alertness” from consuming more raw food enzymes is rather addicting in a good way, in that you then want to continue to give your body the “fuel” that allows your body and mind to perform at a higher level. 

For those times when consuming raw foods in your diet declines for whatever reason, realize there are some very good digestive enzymes supplements in the market to help out your digestive system. In fact, on my road to reclaiming “my groove”, I took many digestive enzymes supplements and probiotics supplements. I believe those digestive enzymes supplements and probiotics supplements were beneficial to my health. I will take them periodically depending on my body’s needs and how good I have been with my diet. 

And remember, Dr. Howell’s solution for better health is simple. “Just substitute raw calories for cooked ones as much as possible.” 

Yes, the various types of enzymes are absolutely essential to our existence. I hope you will make a better effort to include more raw food enzymes for health in your diet. Your body will reward you in countless ways. Now go and have yourself some good raw food enzymes… 

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