Increase Libido Foods Barley Grass And Wheatgrass Juice

Increase libido foods are exceptional fresh squeezed barley grass and revitalizing wheatgrass juice. Many people are juicing for virility benefits. Barley grass and wheatgrass juice are a wonderful aphrodisiac juices and female and male libido foods. 

Though the dried barley grass powder and wheatgrass supplements have tremendous reported health improvements, it is the raw and fresh juice from these greens that especially turn out to be quite the female and male aphrodisiac foods for many. Also take note, these natural male aphrodisiacs have no dangerous side effects – they just help build powerful health! 

fresh organic wheatgrass juiceYes, there seems to be reproductive and natural health benefits which come about from regularly consuming this “fountain of youth” potent and pungent green plant aphrodisiac juice. It has been a simple, natural remedy even reportedly helping female waning libido problems. It has enhanced the love lives of many

Some people recommend drinking this natural female and male aphrodisiac food and then to notice the improvements in one’s love life. Barley grass juice and wheatgrass juice are most effective if they are consumed regularly.  

Individual Cereal Grass Preferences Exist

You can try drinking both the barley grass and the wheatgrass juice to see if you prefer the effect of one cereal grass over the other. People definitely have their preferences in terms of whether they prefer the effects from drinking the barley grass or the wheatgrass juice. 

I personally enjoy drinking both barley grass and wheatgrass juice. Both can be easily grown at home. I teach how to grow wheatgrass in my tutorial. You will have easier access to wheatgrass juice bars to obtain your wheatgrass juice shots. But if you don’t care for the wheatgrass juice, you can always give the barley grass juice a try by growing your own, as they unfortunately don’t seem to sell it at juice bars. 

Cereal Grass Juices Are Natural Male Aphrodisiacs And Female Aphrodisiacs

Following are some of the reported physical and reproductive health benefits from these outstanding male and female increase libido foods and best natural male aphrodisiacs.

  • Improves mothers’s breast milk production
  • Helps develop the milk-duct system of the mammary glands
  • Strengthens the production of seminal fluid and male energy
  • Reportedly increases the male and female libido

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, author of Green Barley Essence, noticed some natural reproductive health benefits in animal experiments. He discovered when mice were given green barley powder, they developed more healthy sperm than the control group. 

Additionally, farmers in the Midwest of the United States who have sterile cows and bulls, put them on wheatgrass to restore their fertility. It is quite an effective improve fertility food. (The chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps build enzymes that rejuvenate the sex hormones.) Humans respond to this enhanced enzyme-rich and nutritional bonanza, just like the animals. 

The liquid chlorophyll in the cereal grass juice helps build enzymes that rejuvenate the reproductive and procreation hormones. And, barley grass contains the amino acid arginine, which is very important for men’s fertility because large quantities exist in seminal fluid. 

Freshly Juiced Libido Enhancing Foods Bring Raw Power

I do believe the energy you will receive from the live and raw fresh squeezed barley grass or wheatgrass juice is much higher than what you will receive from the powdered barley or wheatgrass powder. I have especially heard impressive testimonies with the dried barley grass powder, such as being used to overcome Non-Hodgkyn’s Lymphoma. However, nothing can beat the fresh squeezed raw juices bursting with abundant life, energy, and enzymes – to give you that good raw energy! Plus it is the most economical way to go. 

Juicing For Virility

I personally believe there are many components within the barley grass and wheatgrass juice accounting for improved reproductive health and natural libido enhancement, and other valuable health benefits – many of which might take years to exactly identify. Juicing for virility is a simple process with pleasing results for many. Plus, one’s overall health is benefiting from this live green juice infusion. 

Do Female And Male Libido Foods Work?

libido foodsStill wondering if the cereal grasses are effective natural male aphrodisiacs and libido enhancing foods that work? Can you really juice for virility? Can these cereal grasses really be juiced to create good female aphrodisiac drinks that can also help female libido problems? Well, here is a simple solution. Just go to your local juice bar and regularly consume your green healthy aphrodisiac juice and note any positive improvements in how you feel and function. 

How Much Wheatgrass Juice Should You Take?

You really don’t need to overdo the dosage. Click here to learn how much cereal grass juice to drink. The recommended dosages are the same for both the barley grass and wheatgrass juice. 

If You Are Truly Interested In Better Overall Health, Then Do A Colon Cleanse

If you are truly interested in naturally improving your overall health, then I highly, urge you to check out the improved health benefits that come about from a good colon cleanse with a safe and effective product. A colon cleanse dramatically improved my health. 

Remember this, a cleaner and healthier colon equals cleaner and healthier blood. And we are only as healthy as the quality of our blood. By drinking the wheatgrass juice and barley grass juice, you are helping to create healthier blood in your body. Cheers! 

To see all the topics on cereal grass usage, please go to my site map

Remember to take note of the physical changes that take place in your body. Notice if your skin takes on an extra glow. You just might find yourself getting addicted to this nutritious and beneficial extract, and want to make it a regular part of your diet. 

Buy Wheatgrass And Barley Grass Growing Kits

OK, so go buy this fresh juice at your local juice bar, or buy your own cereal grass growing kit and get started juicing to jump-start your life! It’s a great step in the right direction. 

This wheatgrass growing kit has everything you need to start juicing your own wheatgrass. It even contains the Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer – so you can start juicing up a storm. I own the Hurricane Manual Juicer and I love it. Just make sure you have a counter that is 1 1/2 inches or narrower for this wheatgrass juicer to be able to clamp onto it. If you would like to buy the cereal grass growing components individually, you can go to my Amazon wheatgrass supplies and juicer store

You can learn how to grow your own wheatgrass with my wheatgrass growing guide

This kit to your left contains all the materials needed to grow your own barley grass. You will get all the same supplies as the above wheatgrass growing kit, however, you will receive barley seeds with this kit instead of the wheat seeds. 

If you would like to read some more about these female and male libido foods, then please go to my Amazon cereal grass book store

I hope these increase libido foods, and this aphrodisiac juice information will help you feel better and improve your overall functioning naturally and safely. Increased vim, vigor, and virility awaits you!


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