Maria Treben Cures Shocked The World

Maria Treben cures using herbs to overcome even malignant tumors and cancer, and her patients’ herbal healing testimonies from decades as an herbalist, shocked the world. 

Maria Treben had strong conviction in the herbal medicine plants and their ability to overcome minor ailments as well as serious diseases deemed to be incurable. She was a master at teaching the medicinal properties of herbs and their uses. 

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Faith Can Move Mountains Along With Maria Treben Cures With Herbs

Maria Treben believed that faith can move mountains in conjunction with God’s medicinal herbs. She believed having faith could bring much comfort, hope, and courage. This courage could help one overcome what could appear to be hopeless and desperate situations. 

The Maria Treben biography reveals that she believed passionately in the benefits of herbal medicine plants precisely because she had first hand experience administering these herbs from God’s natural pharmacy. She treated those that had lost hope and many that were given up by the medical profession as hopeless. 

herbal plantWith her natural healing herbs found growing right in Mother Earth and the power of faith that she could give to her patients, she saw tremendous healings occur in her patients. 

She was well aware that wondrous healing compounds with their own inherent healing wisdom, were enveloped within the herbs’ roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. 

She felt it was her mission to communicate the message of how to use herbs to improve health. She taught how to extract the medicinal properties from the healing plants and then how to optimally use them for better health. She knew, without a shadow of a doubt, the astounding medicinal properties of herbs that many times had life saving results with those she treated. 

Maria Treben realized how disheartening it can be for someone, for example a cancer patient, to be told there is no hope for recovery. She believed far too many people accepted that fate and believed they did not have long to live. Maria Treben took a different approach. She believed one must refuse to allow themselves to feel like the passive victim unable to take control of their own wellness. 

She believed one must eliminate the feelings of hopelessness and regain the courage to take their destiny into their own hands again. 

Maria Treben believed a good doctor ought to be delighted when his patients are willing to take their share of the responsibility for their own recovery, and then all possible ways of solving the problem can be discussed openly. 

aria Treben believed that the patient is in charge of their own body, not the doctor. That is your right. You can decide to care for it how you choose. She said to remember it is always up to you to decide whether your doctor may do something or not. 

The truth is, every doctor needs your complete consent before he can do anything, from minor to large. 

In Health from God’s Garden: Herbal Remedies for Glowing Health and Well-Being at Amazon Maria Treben said, “My own faith and my experience have taught me that improvement and healing are possible even in the most desperate cases. I have no idea why medicinal herbs work, nor do I know with certainty whether faith is more important than the herb. I only know one thing for sure, and that is that no matter whether we are sick or healthy we are all completely lost without firm faith in God’s grace and omnipotence.” 

Preventing Unwellness is Better Than a Cure

The medicinal properties of herbs are a wonderful gift from God and it will pay off to use them. “Unlike synthetic, chemical products, the healing properties of herbs are universal – they don’t simply help to cure diseases, they also help to strengthen our bodies’ resistance, protecting us from all sorts of illnesses that we might otherwise be subject to.” 

Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments are Hard to Ignore

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These patients that overcame even serious disease with God’s healing plants, were even brought on stage at Treben’s herbal lectures in Europe to share their healing testimonies. 

It was also hard to ignore the healing testimonies in Treben’s herb books further attesting to the divine powers of Maria Treben’s cures and simple herbal recipes. 

Maria Treben wrote about herbal alternative cancer treatments and natural herbal treatments for both minor and major illnesses such as:

  • Natural treatment for breast diseases
  • Natural treatment for bladder cancer
  • Natural treatment for leukemia and leukemia remission testimonials
  • Natural treatment for prostate cancer and prostate disorders
  • Natural skin cancer treatment
  • Natural treatment for stomach cramps and stomach ulcers
  • Natural treatment for diseases of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver
  • Natural treatment for diseases of the lungs
  • Natural treatment for diseases of the pancreas
  • How to naturally treat supposed incurable tumors or tumours, and how herbal treatment “arrests the growth of every tumor or tumour and slowly dissolves it.”

It seems like Maria Treben has an herbal recipe for just about every disease and ailment one can experience. Her best herbal books are truly nothing short of phenomenal and highly inspirational to say the least. 

natural health doctorsHerbs to Boost Immune System and Conquer Disease Garnered Much Attention huge the public interest was in herbs from God’s garden to boost the immune system. People wanted to address their health concerns safely and without the harsh side effects from the “chemical club.” 

Pharmacologists, pharmacists, scientists, medical doctors and business leaders were all distinctly aware of the drastic change in public opinion. Instead of the synthetic drugs, the people wanted safe and natural treatments. The astute pharmaceutical companies started rediscovering these highly beneficial immune system herbs that were having profound impacts on peoples’ lives. 

Instead of synthetic drugs, the people were asking for herbs to boost the immune system and treat disease, and both science and progressive pharmaceutical companies followed and responded to this increasing trend. 

Natural Health Trend Continues To Increase

natural health trendToday the use of immune system herbs for better health, and alternative cancer treatments continues. Consumers are increasingly requesting natural health modalities to address their health concerns. 

A 2002 report developed by the Institute for Alternative Futures reported that complementary and alternative approaches to health and medicine are among the fastest growing aspects of health care. In 1990, one third of the United States population used some form of alternative approach to health care, and by the year 2010 at least two thirds will. 74% percent of the American population desires a natural approach to health care. 

Business leaders in all fields are aware of this growing trend. Here is some additional information showing the increasing interest in natural treatments:

  • The World Health Organization, estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population rely on naturopathic or homeopathic medicine as their primary form of health care.
  • Worldwide, only 10 to 30 percent of people use traditional medicine, 70 to 90 percent use naturopathic and homeopathic health care.
  • 74 percent of the American population desires a natural approach to health care. 
  • Of the one out of three Americans who say they have used natural techniques, 84 percent said they would use it again. 
  • “Americans make more visits to holistic health care providers (some 600 million a year) than to M.D.s and spend more money out-of-pocket to do so, about $30 billion a year by recent estimates.” Newsweek, 12/2002

These more educated consumers, seeking natural treatment where the side effects from the treatment are not potentially worse than the actual disease itself, will continue to drive the growth in the natural health marketplace. 

From the great and famous natural cancer cure doctor, Dr. Eli Jones, to renowned wheat grass juice healer Ann Wigmore, to true herbs for health pioneer Marie Treben whose natural healing herbs recipes took the world by storm, these inspired natural health healers that answered to a higher calling can rest in heaven knowing their profound works have helped “bring back” the implementation of God’s healing plants, especially in the United States. 

Their natural healing works and message will continue to resonate throughout society until there is the beautiful intertwining of conventional medicine and natural treatments. Eventually, insurance companies will fully support these natural treatments and realize just how cost effective, preventative, safe, and necessary these treatments are for the optimal benefit of all citizens. 

Maria Treben Herbs Books On Natural Cures Share Lists Of Herbs And Their Uses

You will love Marie Treben herbs books that beautifully explain herbs and their uses. The herb indexes and table of contents in her highly regarded herb books, are organized alphabetically. 

You can look up the particular illness or disease in question and you will then find the applicable herbal recipes and get well natural treatments. The herbal recipes come with easy to follow instructions for the naturally healing herbs. 

The herbs are used successfully to treat unwellness in the human body by building one’s vitality and boosting the immune system. 

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We thank Maria Treben for her illuminating herbal lectures and herbal books for helping to foster in this new era of self-responsibility with an emphasis on preventative health strategies and excellent herbs to boost the immune system and help banish sickness from the body. God’s natural pharmacy found right in Mother Earth, will continue to bestow its healing gifts for eternity. 

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