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healing A Natural Health Center if chosen well, can prove to be a wise health choice that can in many cases lead to incredible rejuvenation and healing. 

The original “life saving” Hippocrates Health Institute founded by “mother of wheatgrass therapy,” Ann Wigmore, was a highly successful natural health center, and raw food retreat that paved the way for the creation of more natural health institutes. 

Because of the astounding healing that occurred at Ann Wigmore’s nutritional healing center through administering wheatgrass juice, I will be referring you below to two top rated natural health institutes that carry forth the natural health and benefits of wheatgrass teachings. You will also be able to share your natural health retreat review here

You can learn how to grow nutrient rich wheatgrass in my growing wheatgrass tutorial.

Wanted Health Care Centers that Build Health

As human health especially in the United States continues to decline, people are seeking out ways to address their health concerns via a more natural – no negative side effects route. They know a healthier body will result in much more financial savings and a higher quality of life in the long run. 

Even Maria Treben, world famous medicinal herbalist, helped to foster in this newer era of self-responsibility and looking to nature and herbs to heal. 

When plenty of living foods abundant in their vital enzymes and phytochemicals are a mainstay in the diet, when one studies traditional nutritional diets that lead to glorious health as depicted in this Dr. Weston Price video, when colon health is addressed, and people strive for harmony in their lives and peace of mind, the body cannot help but respond to these improved health choices and additional peacefulness in one’s life. 

I look forward to the day when insurance companies support patients’ visits to a natural health center where they learn about:

Health Care Treatments Must Build Vitality

A natural health center that builds one’s vitality to address disease shall be the health care model to replicate across the United States. Famous cancer cure doctor, Dr. Eli Jones, was quite successful curing his patients of cancer through building up the health and energy of his patients. will help spread the word about these highly effective natural health centers and natural healing spas that are in line with the health philosophies expressed at The time is ripe for this type of vitality promoting natural health center to spread and flourish especially in the U.S.A. 

Should Our Diets Be 100% Raw Foods?

Below are excellent raw food retreats and healing centers that are bringing about marvelous improvements in peoples’ health. I would like to say, however, that though raw food diets and juices are very cleansing and healing, according to Dr. Weston Price – number one nutritional researcher, in his extensive research, he found no traditional diets composed exclusively of raw foods. 

In Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats, she writes, “Even in the tropics, where fires are not needed for warmth, the inhabitants build a fire every day to cook their foods. Some nutrients are made more available through cooking and cooking also neutralizes naturally occurring toxins in plant foods. 

“In general, grains, legumes, and certain types of vegetables should be cooked. Animal foods should be consumed both raw and cooked. Some people do very poorly on raw foods–or find raw foods unappetizing–in which case they should emulate the Asians by including small amounts of enzyme-rich condiments with a diet of cooked foods.” 

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is a must have cookbook if you would like to understand more about the traditional foods and culinary customs of our hardy ancestors. Here is my Nourishing Traditions review

To continue, raw food diets can cleanse out the body, flush out toxins and help the body to become healthier. And yes raw foods absolutely must be part of our diets. However, over the long termDr. Weston Price found no healthy peoples existing on 100% raw foods diets. 

Additionally, all traditional diets consumed by peoples that produced healthy offspring, after healthy offspring with ease, consisted of some sort of animal products. These population groups were absent of mental illness, dental decay, and chronic disease. 

So, for the shorter terms, raw food diets are powerful with their living force and “essential for life” vital enzymes. They have traditionally and very successfully been used to cleanse, nourish, and heal the human body. 

OK, here are those, outstanding holistic natural health centers and raw foods retreats where wheatgrass juice is gratefully generously served… 

The Optimum Health Institute Review

The Optimum Health Institute is a natural health center and healing raw food retreat in Austin, Texas and the other Optimum Health Institute is in San Diego, California. They carry forth the natural health philosophies and effective wheatgrass juice therapy of the great wheatgrass guru, Ann Wigmore

Here is my Optimum Health Institute Review

The Hippocrates Health Institute Review

The other natural health center in the East, is the Hippocrates Health Institute award winning global health center and nutritional healing center. It is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The Hippocrates Health Institute was originally founded by natural healer extraordinaire, Ann Wigmore. It is now operating with different leadership and continues to carry forth Ann Wigmore’s natural healing benefits of wheatgrass teachings. You might be interested in this brief biography of Ann Wigmore

Here is my Hippocrates Health Institute review

Ann Wigmore had tremendous success treating the ailing with wheatgrass juice. She created the get well health center called the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, which opened in 1963 and later the Ann Wigmore Foundation which began in Boston in 1985. 

The Ann Wigmore Foundation is now located in the high desert of enchanting New Mexico. 

Natural Health Center Health and Wellness Spa Reviews

I need your help. Please share your natural health center, healing retreat, or health and wellness spa review. Your natural health institute reviews will help spread the news on the healing powers of natural methods. 

It is true that tens of thousands have reclaimed their health through incorporating more living foods into their diet. And living raw foods are essential to the creating and maintaining of good health. I believe a raw food retreat is highly beneficial for those that need a healing environment, access to plenty of raw foods and raw juices, and a caring, well educated staff with superb natural health programs to guide you. 

Which Diets Produce Glorious Health Generation After Generation?

weston-priceAgain, one must also understand the phenomenal nutritional research of Dr. Weston Price, referred to as the greatest nutritional researcher. He “discovered” a myriad of cultures around the world free of the degenerative diseases of today, beaming with robust health and vitality, and largely absent of any tooth decay. 

He studied those diets and their nutrients that were critical to keeping the body well in the first place. These diets consumed by the indigenous peoples brought forth generation after generation of children with glorious health and happier dispositions. Those children continuing to eat their traditional diets with real food, grew into healthy and vigorous adults largely absent of the rapidly escalating degenerative diseases of today. 

It is important to note once more, all of the traditional diets of these fantastically healthy peoples contained animal products of some kind and they also included some salt. Please view the Dr. Weston Price short video which depicts the stellar health of these individuals with beautiful physical structures. 

If you are looking to rebuild your health naturally, I hope these presented nutritional resources and natural health centers will be of interest to you. And please share your health and wellness spa review, raw food retreat review, or natural health center review below. 


  1. Hi,

    I know you’ve been to the Ann Wigmore Institute, but I was wondering how it compares to her Hippocrates Institute. Before I attend Living Light Culinary Institute, I’d like to go to one of those first. Or what are your recommendations? What do you suggest I do?

    Thanking you in advance,

    • Hi Chels! I have not actually been to the Ann Wigmore Institute. I recommend the Optimum Health Institute and the Hippocrates Institute as I know both of their programs are excellent. I would give them a call to learn more about their program to find out which program you feel would help you the most, and be the best fit. Unfortunately, I am not familiar LLCI. All the best to you Chels, Eryn.

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