Optimum Health Institute Review

The Optimum Health Institute, a center for hope and healing, in San Diego, California and Austin, Texas will teach you many important natural health messages while you are staying at this highly rejuvenating nutritional healing center. You will be taught the important message of consuming raw foods, Ann Wigmore wheatgrass therapy, and being spiritually at peace for optimum health. 

The mission of the Optimum Health Institute is: 

“We will serve as a change agent for humankind by improving the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of everyone we touch.”

Their natural health center program consists of three week-long sessions teaching ancient spiritual knowledge that truly promotes healing. 

Wheatgrass Therapy Is Critical Natural Healing Remedy At Natural Health Center

flourishing lifeAfter learning and applying the natural health teachings at this raw food retreat and healing center, many people feel like they are coming back to life physically and mentally. 

At this raw food retreat, you will consume abundant raw foods with their vital enzymes along with drinking plenty of wheatgrass juice

The Optimum Health Institute beautifully continues Ann Wigmores’ teachings on the numerous benefits of wheatgrass juice, its spectacular liquid chlorophyll and how to build a healthier blood count naturally. Therefore, you will be drinking plenty of the green wheatgrass elixir, at this living foods and natural healing methods retreat. They are quite aware of the noteworthy wheatgrass juice research. This “How much wheatgrass should I drink a day?” page should answer your recommended wheatgrass dosage question. 

Here is my wheatgrass growing supplies store in case you are interested in how to grow wheatgrass juice at home indoors

You will also learn about the benefits of colon cleansing. The Colonix colon cleanse was instrumental to my wellness. Even Jesus Christ talked about the importance of cleansing the colon. In fact, the high value of wheatgrass is taught by Jesus Christ too. 

At the Optimum Health Institute you will learn to purify and detoxify your body with foods for health as well, learn about the benefits of fasting, and the importance of movement and exercise. Your body will gratefully be gently cleansed and highly nourished at the same time. 

Not only will your physical body be well nourished while at this healing and raw food retreat, but your spirit shall be nourished also – which is so essential to achieve optimum health. You will be taught how to let go of negative emotions and how to strengthen your spirit. 

Optimum Health Institute Healing Philosophy

At this nutritional healing center, they believe there are 5 P’s to optimum health:

  • Purpose to achieve a natural balance and reconnection to the Divine
  • Positive mental attitude that supports the healing process
  • Persistence in following the holistic disciplines of this natural health center program
  • Patience with your body and yourself, as you allow your mind, body and spirit to heal
  • Prayer to a higher source who will share the load with you

This healing prayer helped me on my road to wellness. 

Hippocrates Health Institute Review

The Hippocrates Health Institute review will bring to your attention another excellent natural health center and award winning global healing center which is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The wheatgrass therapy also plays an essential role in their healing protocol. 

Scholarships At Natural Health Center

The Optimum Health Institute, a center for hope and healing, is a mission of The Free Sacred Trinity Church. 

This nutritional healing center offers scholarships to help off-set the cost, for those that meet their requirements such as having a “life-threatening” diagnosis from your physician. These scholarships are made available from the generous scholarship donations from other guests and the Free Sacred Trinity Church. 

Nutritional Healing Center Testimonials

Every Friday morning, The Optimum Health Institute guests gather to share their testimonials of improved health and well-being. The guests share how their lives have been transformed spiritually, mentally, and physically. Here are two quotes from guests at this raw food retreat: 

Metamorphosis At Optimum Health Institute

butterfly metamorphosis

“I came to The Optimum Health Institute in a state of severe depression and the The Optimum Health Institute became my lifeline. The spiritual healing aspect of the program has been great. The Optimum Health Institute has changed my life! It’s authentic, spiritual and real.”

“My mother and I first came to the Optimum Health Institute 10 years ago after my father died. We were both brokenhearted, particularly my Mother. We came to heal our health and emotional well-being, and I’ve been coming back ever since. I feel that it is not just for me – it’s also to honor my father.”

You will definitely learn healthy new habits, both mentally and physically, that you can continue to apply once you have left The Optimum Health Institute. Guests that continue to follow through on the natural health knowledge they have acquired at this center for hope and healing, find themselves greatly improving their health and some even overcoming life-threatening disease. If you are seeking to improve your health naturally, this spiritual and nutritional healing center is worthy of your attention. 


  1. I believe you are a blessing to us all. Thank you for the service. I wish I could bring you here to Narco Freedom in the South Bronx.

    • Thank you for the kind words Francisco! I hope many people are able to get back on the path to wellness through the services offered at Narco Freedom. It has been awhile since I have been in New York, and thank you very much for the offer to visit. All the best to you!

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