Raw Milk Taste Connoisseurs Wanted

raw milk glassRaw milk taste variances exist based on its freshness, and the cow’s breed and diet. 

Are you a raw milk taste connoisseur that can detect these provocative subtleties? Please do write your review on your favorite tasting raw milk

I never could have imagined such flavor nuances exist within the sweet “bovine wine.” 

Do you have a raw milk story like this 92-year-old woman that was fortunately raised on raw milk for the first 20 years of her life? 

I was lucky to be able to consume Alta Dena raw milk in my teenage years in California. The raw milk taste was very good and I really did enjoy the delicious cream on top and my health surely benefited from this wellness enhancing beverage. 

cows eating grassAs an adult, I enjoy the raw milk taste from the Holstein cow when I visit back to Wisconsin. This farm fresh milk is always a treat – my family really looks forward to drinking this wonderful living milk. 

cows grazingBut I have to say at this point in time, I prefer the taste of milk from the Jersey cow. The Jersey cow is quite a friendly breed and very sociable. 

According to Joann Grohman author of Keeping A Family Cow at Amazon, The Holstein’s raw milk contains butterfat or milk fat of 3.0 to 3.5 percent. The Jersey’s milk fat is 5.0 to 6.0 percent, about 60% higher. 

The increased ratios for protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, all the other minerals and vitamins are of the same order. This means you have to drink 1 2/3 glasses of Holstein milk to receive the nutrients you get from one glass of Jersey milk. 

I definitely notice about 60% more cream in my Jersey “fresh squeezed” milk. I personally love the extra butterfat which is where so much of the great nutrition exists. Some people prefer to partially skim off the butterfat. But do remember you can make butter from this skimmed off butterfat. 

I can’t imagine skimming off the butterfat as I love, love it! 

Oh and if you happen to be in Italy, make sure to track down an actual raw milk vending machine where fresh untreated milk will be dispensed. Awe, such is the life! 

Grohman also says you can never match the flavor difference from consuming raw milk from a hand milked cow that is consumed shorty after the savory white “liquid gold” is chilled. Having experienced this rarity, I will have to agree! 

You know when I drink the milk from the Jersey cow, it tastes like sweet liquid ice cream to me. The Jersey cow I have gotten milk from, does only a little bit of grazing here in Arizona’s valley dry lands. It is also fed hay and a little bit of a fortified molasses mixture, since the cow is expecting a calf. Must be the molasses that adds that extra sweet taste! 

Is All Raw Milk Delicious Tasting?

Unfortunately in my experiences, all raw milk does not taste good. There is one farm I bought raw milk from that I did not enjoy the flavor of at all. In fact, having been around the raw milk taste drinking block a bit, I noticed there was no visible cream in my milk – this milk was purchased for a rather hefty price I might add. 

Hmmm, where did the butterfat go? Was there some skimming off of the “true gold” within my raw milk that I paid so dearly for? Not only that, but the raw milk flavor was undesirable. I feel sorry for consumers that could be put off from the raw milk experience after drinking such a blah tasting product. 

ice cold milkRest assured though, that living milk from a good and reputable farmer is a true delicacy. Yes, sipping on a chilled glass of raw milk from grass fed cows, with all the butterfat in place, is one of lifes greatest culinary pleasures in my humble opinion. 

I think it is high time for consumers to become reacquainted with the superior flavor and nutritional value of raw milk. It is time to banish the well ingrained food taboo against raw milk which originated from tainted milk

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