Raw Milk Vending Machines/ Raw Milk Dispensers Increase Around the World

Raw milk vending machines, also called raw milk dispensers, excite Europeans and other countries around the world, with their live probiotic and enzyme rich beverage. The fresh milk dispensers have been provided to the European market since 2005. 

The Prometea Italian based vending machine company, has a long 20 year history in live-stock equipment production. They now enjoy providing this highly sought after non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, fresh milk to the European people. Their fresh raw milk dispenser is proving to be quite popular, in fact demand for this “liquid gold” dispenser is growing tremendously. 

raw milk dispenserThe vending machines for non-homogenized, non-pasteurized milk come in a few different charming and colorful styles. One European style is the Alpine Hut Vending Shop which is equipped with the fresh milk dispenser. This fresh milk vending machine is ideal for city squares or locations which would house this more permanent structure. 

Raw Milk Vending Machines In Schools

raw milk vending machineThis European smaller fresh milk vending machine can be placed in shops, stores, offices, schools, hospitals, and sporting venues. Wherever vending machines can be found, this marvelous fresh milk vending machine would fit right in. Prometea have many other eye appealing raw milk dispenser designs to fit the different locations. 

They are quite simple to operate. Just put a clean container under the nozzle, and pour this yummy probiotic elixir that will increase your intestinal micro flora and up your enzymes for health intake. 

Would you like to share your positive experience with raw milk? You can learn about people raised on nourishing, bone building, and health supporting raw milk here

Real Milk Is Home Delivered

The European mobile van shown below, is equipped with a fresh milk vending machine on the side, and can travel to different lucky destinations. It says “True Raw Milk” on the side of the van. This real milk dispensing van can be driven to festivals, village markets, and fairs where consumers eagerly await its appearance. The van can travel to events where people would love to have a fresh glass of enlivening raw milk bursting with friendly bacteria and highly prized enzymes. In fact, these vans will even make home deliveries. My mouth is watering already!

raw milk truck

Fresh Milk Quality And Quantity Is Assured With Leading Technology at Italian Prometea Company

When the true milk runs low, the vending machines send automatic alarm calls. From this notification system, replenishing can then be accomplished, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted sales. These true milk vending machines keep the milk at the ideal temperature for fresh milk preservation – assuring safe milk quality. 
You can read about one 92-year-old woman that was safely raised on non-pasteurized milk for 20 years and to also have opportunity to share your raw milk story. 

“Raw Milk Cures Many Diseases”
– J.E. Crew, M.D., Mayo Clinic 1929

Yes, the temperature is always set just right, no matter what the outside temperatures are. If temperature varies outside of the optimum temperature zone, the operators receive alarm calls which give all specific identification information as to what is not functioning properly. Steps can then be taken to fix the technical problem in a timely and effective manner. The Prometea company is highly regarded for its long and wide experience in vending machines remote management. This website is in Italian. To translate their website, go to Google Translate, pick your language of choice, and type in their website.

Would You Like Raw Milk Vending Machines In The United States Market? Take Poll

I can’t wait until these fresh milk vending machines are available to schools, businesses, hospitals, and other venues in the United States Of America where people love non-pasteurized milk. I also look forward to the day when this real milk from grass-fed cows will be provided to natural health food stores across the nation. 

Would you like to have non-pasteurized milk vending machines in the United States market? Please answer the poll below to show your interest to prospective U.S. real milk vending machine business owners. (Poll started 7/29/12)  

Would You Like to Have Raw Milk Vending Machines in the United States?


This day will come, as it is time to bring back universal access to all those who desire safe to drink, highly nutritious, fresh real milk that has nourished man in its natural state for thousands of years. Raw milk contains life promoting and sustaining enzymes for health

Raw Milk Vending Machines in Slovenia

Here is a man from Slovenia enjoying being able to purchase fresh, non-pasteurized milk from a raw milk vending machine called a Mlekomat or Milk-o-Matic. These delightful and fresh raw creamy milk dispensing machines are also called the Latteria by the Prometea company in Italy. These milk machines continue to grow in popularity in Italy and other countries. In fact, they have over 300 and growing raw milk machines in Italy. 

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And here is another man from Slovenia enjoying getting his fresh raw milk in the wintertime. The joyful music will motivate you to find your closest supply of fresh raw milk. Yes, it is a happy day when you have access to delicious fresh raw milk… 

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Raw Milk Vending Machines in Korea

In Korea, there are health conscious farms also providing non-processed milk through automatic raw milk vending machines, to the great appreciation of the people. 

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Japan Company Delivers Raw Milk

Japan has one raw milk supplier. They deliver this precious milk to various shops and to your home. The raw milk supplier in Japan is Omoiyari.

Raw Milk Vending Machines in France

Raw milk is legal in France. I so wish I was there to partake of this wonderful food source… 

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Raw Milk Vending Machines in Germany

How about a vacation to Germany where you can also obtain health promoting raw milk? Go to this German website to see their raw milk vending machine and pictures of the German automatic non-pasteurized milk dispenser. (Use Google Translate to convert the German language into English or click on the translate link to the right of the Google search result after inputting their website address.) 

How fortunate the German citizens are to be able to consume fresh raw organic milk from these raw milk dispensers. What a wonderful model of success! Healthier people equates to a healthier nation. 

I can imagine the ribbon cutting celebrations that will occur in the United States when these raw milk vending machines become fixtures around our country. For providing this safe raw milk in vending machines which uses technology to ensure safety, from healthy pastured cows, will be the much anticipated dawn of a new highly nourishing era. 

Alright now, let’s spread the word about health building raw milk vending machines. And do what you can to help bring these fresh milk vending dispensers that will provide glorious raw milk with its inherent beneficial enzymes and excellent nutrition to your community. 

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