Raw Milk Benefits and Song

raw milkRaw milk benefits are numerous from pasture-fed cows. This rich probiotic food with its highly valuable enzymes for health is a highly nutritious beverage. 

Unpasteurized milk has nourished man and created strong, able bodies for thousands of years. It has even been used to heal the body. 

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When we visit Wisconsin, we have access to this organic, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, unprocessed, natural, friendly bacteria beverage from Holstein cows dining on lush fresh grass. It is a bit like “liquid gold” to us, truly one of our favorite healthy foods. I do, however, prefer the taste of raw milk from the Jersey cow.

Raw Milk Song Don’t Marginalize, Criminalize, Criticize, Homogenize, or Pasteurize Raw Milk Legalize Raw Milk

You might enjoy this raw milk song in support of this longstanding traditional probiotic food source that sustained our ancestors. There is no need to rearrange it and no need to chemically change it – enough lobbying finesse, unadulterated raw milk dairy is the best. Here’s to your digestion, a healthier gestation, and more wellness for the next generation…

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“Fresh grass, not hay, not legumes, is the key to bovine health, a safe human meat protein supply, and fresh raw milk no longer dependent on the crutch of homogenization, pasteurization or irradiation. Grass confers on the grazing animal hormone and enzyme systems that cancel out pathogens not only in the milk but in the manure distributed throughout the pastures.”
– Charles Walters, Grass the Forgiveness of Nature 

To understand the legal battles taking place which seek to keep the sale of raw milk illegal, go to Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund. This non-profit organization can certainly use your financial support. 

Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston Price Foundation, says using government figures for foodborne illness for the entire population, Dr. Ted Beals, MD, has shown that you are about thirty-five thousand times more likely to get sick from other foods than you are from raw milk

Raw Milk Benefits The Skeletal Structure and Bone Formation

To view the exquisite and beautiful facial structures, with good bone and jaw formation, nice wide dental arches, with plenty of room for all the teeth to come in (no braces required and close to zero cavities), from peoples consuming real unprocessed foods including raw milk, please view this must see short Dr. Weston Price Video on my homepage.

“I have never seen a response to the issue of nutritional inferiority of sterilized milk from any industry scientist. From dairy products, we may potentially have a greater source of calcium, but it’s in a less available form. It’s pasteurized, heat-sterilized, and it has become a cooked food at that point. When you cook nature’s perfect raw food, chemically altering it, it becomes difficult to digest and assimilate.”
– Dr. Bernard Jensen & Mark Anderson, Empty Harvest

Share Your Raw Milk Review

To continue, the flavor of this friendly bacteria rich beverage is truly wonderful and it is a real treat. Are you “over the mooooon” with the raw milk taste? If so, please share your review about your favorite tasting fresh milk. Here are some raw milk reviews already submitted. 

grazingThis woman believes raw milk helps balance her thyroid

Not only is real milk a delight to your taste buds, but it is also very healthy for you – and yes for adults too! In fact, in the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, it is translated and reported that even Jesus Christ advocated drinking true milk from pasture-fed animals… 

…”Eat Also The Milk Of Your Beasts, Because For This Did The Lord Give The Herbs Of The Fields To All The Beasts Which Render Milk, That They Might With Their Milk Feed Man.”
– Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One 

Raw Milk Contains Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria That Protect Against Pathogens

Yes, this bursting with life, digestion enhancing real milk seems to be a true gift from the heavens to us. Living milk contains lactic-acid-producing bacteria that protect against pathogens. When I was younger and lived in California, my mother would purchase Alta Dena full-fat raw milk. I never remember being sick during the years of drinking it. I am so grateful my mother, who was nutritionally aware, did her best to obtain that delicious and nutritious natural milk for our family. It was the wisest nutritional purchasing decision she made for us. 

At the time as a child, I had no idea of the many raw milk benefits. All I knew was that I loved real milk and I always hoped I was the first one to open it, so I could drink the cream off the top. 

Here I am in Wisconsin enjoying this au natural friendly bacteria beverage. Ah, yummy butterfat… Cheers! 

Here you can read about one 92-year-old woman that was raised on non-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk for 20 years and to also have the opportunity to share your non-pasteurized milk story. 

girl drinking raw milkMy daughter takes after her mother and loves that cream on the top of her dairy beverage too. Here she is enjoying this health building drink. Yes, raw milk benefits the body in many ways! 

Good Fat Is Good For Us

To continue, according to Nina Planck, author of Real Food: What to Eat and Why, “Compared to industrial milk, dairy foods from grass-fed cows contain more omega-3 fats, more vitamin A, and more beta-carotene and other antioxidants. 

raw milk and butterButter and cream from grass-fed cows are a rare source of the unique and beneficial fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). According to the Journal of Dairy Science, the CLA in grass-fed butterfat is 500 percent greater than the butterfat of cows eating a typical dairy ration, which usually contains grain, corn silage, and soybeans. 

“…CLA prevents heart disease, (probably by reducing atherosclerosis), fights cancer, and builds lean muscle. CLA aids weight loss in several ways: by decreasing the amount of fat stored after eating, increasing the rate at which fat cells are broken down, and reducing the number of fat cells.” 

Yes, fellow dairy aficionado Planck says, “Butterfat helps the body digest the protein, and bones require saturated fats in particular to lay down calcium. The cream contains the vital fat-soluble and natural vitamins A and D. Without vitamin D, less than 10 percent of dietary calcium is absorbed. …Skim milk – especially industrial skim – is an inferior source of both. Skim and 2 percent milk must by law, be fortified with synthetic vitamin A and synthetic vitamin D.” 

Glycosphingolipids are fats that protect against gastrointestinal infections, especially in the very young children and the elderly generation. 

According to Dr. Mary Enig, World Leading Expert on the Biochemistry of Food and Fat, and Sally Fallon, President of The Weston A. Price Foundation, and authors of Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats, “Children who drink skim milk and thus don’t get the benefits of glycosphingolipids, have diarrhea at rates three to five times greater than children who drink whole milk

“The common denominator among all these foods is cholesterol, which the body needs to produce a variety of steroids that protect against cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.” 

Sally Fallon is also the author of Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. You can read my Nourishing Traditions review and view Sally Fallon’s video on the powerful nutritional qualities in fresh raw milk from cows that eat grass. 

The full-fat, non-pasteurized dairy drinkers studied by Dr. Weston Price had beautiful physiques and perfect health. Please view the astonishing video on my home page to view these native peoples thriving on indigenous diets of unprocessed foods. This video will help you learn the importance of embracing your nutritional heritage.

Udderly Incredible Staple Food For Thousands Of Years



OK, the Royal Family of Great Britain has reportedly consumed fresh raw milk for over 500 years. Also, indigenous peoples have consumed fresh whole milk for at least 10,000 years and most especially Jesus Christ advocated consuming milk from pasture-fed animals. This is a highly valuable ancient probiotic food source when consumed in its natural non-pasteurized, non-homogenized state. 

I believe the people of the United States of America can figure out how we can safely reinstate more of this phenomenal health promoting real milk to the marketplace in the United States. 

Fresh whole milk, free of bovine growth hormones and antibiotics is already being safely sold and available to certain retail outlets in California by Organic Pastures. Let’s have additional good farmers duplicate the success of Mark McAfee’s Organic Pasture’s business in which he brings to market properly tested and certified real milk from pasture-fed cows that is delicious and extremely nutritious. 

Below, Mark McAfee, owner of Organic Pastures in California, explains the difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk. 

Mark McAffe Video On Raw Milk Versus Pasteurized Milk 


The Consequences Of Not Making This Healthy Food Readily Available To The American People, Are Too Great

We cannot let our fear over tainted milk, and appreciation for the conveniences that pasteurization provide, stop us from bringing this valuable food source safely back to more people. This precious body building and healing food which supports our gastrointestinal function, has basically vanished from the North American landscape. 

You can learn more about what you can do to improve the health of your intestines here

Yes, fresh whole milk has been out of circulation for most North American people since 1949. If some people were fortunate to find a good clean source of this therapeutic agent, this what should be a joyous occasion from making that purchase, seemed to take on the feeling of some sort of clandestine activity. 

With our better technology today, our increased scientific understandings, our pathogen tests, our regulatory agencies, let’s get behind and support these ethical farmers that passionately want to bring their probiotic beverage to the people. Let’s safely and wisely bring this probiotic food to a larger market. 

Let’s Provide Raw Milk Vending Machines In The U.S.A. Like The Europeans

Let’s set up an environment so the small farmer can make a living providing this vitally needed immune system enhancing food. Let’s have our regulations work in favor of these farmers to get this nourishing food to the greater marketplace. While we are at it, let’s also get raw milk vending machines in our schools, hospitals, businesses and venues around the country. Nutritionally proactive Europe has coin operated raw milk vending machines in their schools. We can do this too. You can learn even more about non-pasteurized milk vending machines and post your pictures of these popular dispensers too

However, let us also remember the gut wrenching history of the tainted milk dangers when proper regulations of milk produced for the public are not in place, and animal husbandry intelligence is absent. 

It is time for the excellent benefits of raw milk consumption to be communicated to everyone. Anyone who so desires, should be able to partake in the bountiful blessings of this perfectly created, healthy food from mother nature. 

Visit my Amazon raw milk book store to see the many books that will give you a further appreciation for this fine “bovine wine.”

Raw Milk Benefits

Full-fat raw milk from pasture-fed cows has been used to treat:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Renal disease
  • Hypertension
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Asthma

J.E. Crewe, M.D., the co-founder of the Mayo Clinic, wrote that four weeks on nothing but raw milk reversed most chronic disease. 

In this fresh milk testimonial, one man was left little choice but to consume unprocessed milk as his only food for decades – to his surprise his health flourished.

Unpasteurized Milk Improves Health

  • A 2007 Swedish study of nearly 15,000 children across five European countries, found those who drank unpasteurized milk were significantly less likely to suffer from asthma and hay fever.
  •  A researcher in London determined that children who even infrequently drank raw milk had substantially less eczema symptoms and a greater reduction in allergic hypersensitivity (atopy).
  •  Supporters of raw milk have said the quantity of vitamin C destroyed in pasteurized milk is greater than the amount in the entire US citrus crop. Unpasteurized milk was used to resolve scurvy, a disease resulting from inadequate intake of vitamin C.
  •  Lactobacilli friendly bacteria are destroyed in pasteurization. They inhibit pathogens such as E. coli, decrease the effects of candida infection, promote bowel movements, decrease constipation, enhance mineral absorption and strengthen the immune system.
  •  Dr. Charles Sanford Porter, M.D., author of Milk Diet As A Remedy For Chronic Disease , treated his 18,000 patients over his forty-one years in practice with raw milk and plenty of rest. Dr. Porter says, “Permanent cures were the norm, and if a cure was not obtained, patients did receive great benefit and relief.”
  •  Dr. Porter also said Dr. J.E. Crewe, an American physician, presented his findings on the therapeutic uses of milk before the Minnesota State Medical Society in 1930. “This was the worst case of psoriasis I have ever seen. This boy was literally covered from head to foot with scales. We put the boy on an unpasteurized milk diet and in less than a month, he had skin like a baby’s.”

Lactose Intolerant? Many Can Drink Raw Milk

Pasteurization of milk destroys its digestive enzymes. Because of this loss of enzymes, it is difficult for many to digest this heat treated milk. Results from a survey commissioned by the Weston A. Price Foundation, indicated that about 29 million Americans are diagnosed as lactose intolerant. 

Results from a private survey carried out in Michigan, indicate that 85 percent of those diagnosed as lactose intolerant can drink raw milk without a problem. That would result in nearly 25 million Americans diagnosed as lactose intolerant that could benefit from this traditional highly nourishing food.

Casein Intolerant?

Pasteurization destroys L. lactis and other lactic-acid bacteria in milk. These good bacteria produce enzymes that break down the casein molecule. Milk allergy is usually deemed to be caused from casein intolerance. There have even been reports of autistic children being treated with raw milk. There are reportedly testimonials of some autistic children being able to completely reverse their symptoms with the benefits of raw milk. 

I look forward to the day when this live probiotic food, loaded with friendly bacteria and naturally occurring digestive enzymes from healthy pasture-fed cows, is safely available for all who desire it. I believe that day is not that far away. 

Raw Milk Resources

Right now each state in the United States, has different laws which determine the availability of this creamy delectable beverage. Click here to find your closest raw milk supplier

The Weston Price Foundation is involved in unadulterated whole food education, research and activism. Dr. Weston Price is the greatest healthy eating expert and researcher. 

The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation is also a highly valuable resource which houses information on the outstanding health enhancing benefits of traditional foods, including unprocessed dairy. 

Let’s provide more access to this marvelous probiotic food that was a staple food in many traditional diets around the globe for thousands of years. Let’s allow more people to taste this mouth savoring refreshment from grass-fed cows to get a better appreciation for mother nature in her finest and to experience the raw milk benefits first hand. 

“For The Power Of God’s Angels Enters Into You With The Living Food Which The Lord Gives You From His Royal Table.”
– Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One

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