Seed Starting Trays for Growing Wheatgrass and Barley Grass

wheatgrass trayThese black plastic seed starting trays below are the seedling trays I use to grow my wheatgrass and barley grass at home. 

They fit nicely on my kitchen counter, as you can see to the left, and I sometimes place them outdoors when the weather is supportive of wheatgrass growing. 

These wheatgrass plastic seed trays are your basic thermoformed, germination trays used to grow your cereal grass at home. 

Their standard commercial size is about 11 inches wide by 21 inches long by 2 inches deep. These wheatgrass and barley grass plastic seed trays are the perfect size for growing your nutritious barley grass or health enhancing wheatgrass at home. 

wheatgrass-growing-traysYou can order these seed starting trays with the drainage holes or without the drainage holes. 

I like to use two nested trays for the extra strength and stability provided. I plant my wheatgrass in a black seedling starting tray with holes. I then place the wheatgrass plastic seedling tray with the holes inside or nested into a wheatgrass plastic seed tray without holes, as you can see above. 

The excess water from watering your wheatgrass then easily drains out of the top seedling tray through its holes or tiny slits, and into the bottom seedling tray. 

Since the bottom growing tray is solid, with no drainage holes, there will be no water leakage or mess on your counter. Any excess water that accumulates in that bottom tray can be easily emptied if need be. 

Drainage Holes

Drainage Holes

Have fun with your barley grass or wheatgrass growing with these perfect seed starting trays. 

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