Soaking Grains and Soaking Flour Optimizes Nutrition

wheat seedsSprouting grains that will later be used for baked goods, will also increase the nutritional qualities of that grain or seed. 

Just about all people prior to the industrialization of society, used fermented or soaked grains and soaked flour, before they made their breads, porridges, cakes, cookies, bagels and casseroles. Soaking flour is definitely a lost wise traditional culinary art. This practice of proper grain preparation prior to its baking and then consumption, needs to be reinstated for optimal nutrition. 

final-cover-soaked-flour-8-13-divine-225I explain the tremendous amounts of benefits from soaking flour in How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread – For Easier Digestion and Optimized Nutrition. Through much trial and error, I created a fantastic soaked flour bread recipe that got breadmakers around the world real excited to have learned to master the art of soaked flour breadmaking through my step-by-step instructions and detailed unique recipe.

If you are looking to learn more on this soaking flour subject, I urge you to read How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread. 

Phytic acid can combine with magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract, thus blocking their absorption. That means there is less nutritional uptake by your body. 

This is precisely why a diet that is very high in unprepared whole grains may lead to great mineral deficiencies and even bone loss. Calcium and zinc (Lonnerdal, Bo; Journal of Nutrition, 2000) are not absorbed as well in the presence of phytate. 

Delicious Whole Wheat Bread Recipe Using Presoaked Flour

So yes, whole grains are very good for us, but to optimize their nutrition and decrease this phytic acid content and also the enzyme inhibitors, we must properly prepare them before we consume them. I urge you to consider this soaked flour process, which I explain in How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread.


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