Sprouted Grain Bread vs Soaked Flour Homemade Bread

wheatgrass sproutSprouted grain bread versus soaking whole wheat flour to make your homemade whole grain bread – do these methods produce a delicious tasting bread? 

Does incorporating these initial grain preparation steps during the making of the homemade bread, actually result in more nutritious bread? 

Yes, they are both more nutritious when these initial grain preparation steps are taken and they both taste great. As an added bonus, homemade bread made with flour from sprouted grains or flourless sprouted grain bread have even seemed to agree with many gluten sensitive individuals. 

how and why to make divine soaked flour breadSoaked flour homemade bread made from ground whole grains  agrees with many that are sensitive to gluten. 

Numerous fantastic beneficial changes occur during the soaking flour process. These newly created positive changes within the components of the grain flour also ease digestive difficulties. Soaking flour is also sometimes referred to as the soaking grains process. 

To help you understand the differences between soaked flour bread and sprouted grain bread, I have written How and Why to Make Heavenly Soaked Flour Bread – For Easier Digestion and Optimized Digestion. I give a full explanation of these differences in that book. Additionally, I share my widely popular soaked flour whole wheat bread recipe that is delighting breadmakers around the world. 

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