Dr. Weston Price Is Unequaled Healthy Eating Researcher

Dr. Weston Price, author of the classic Nutrition and Physical Degeneration at Amazon is the leading healthy eating and good food for health expert and researcher. The Weston Price research video below presents shocking adverse effects from consuming the modern diet and straying too far from traditional foods diets. 

If you are wondering if inadequate nutrition is causing physical degeneration in the human species, then wonder no more. 

The human species has become far more delicate today. I see far too many adults and our future leaders – the precious children – faced with troubling wellness challenges of all degrees. The list of these challenges seems to be growing way too fast. Physical and mental disorders are far too common in today’s civilization, especially in my country, the United States of America. 

But can better nutrition and traditional foods really make a difference in our wellness? Should we really take the time to learn about healthy eating? Is it worth choosing food for health? Or, are we passive victims or beneficiaries of our genetic code? 

nutritionDr. Weston Price’s, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration at Amazon will present quite clearly the devastating effects that our modern diet is having on our health, and the worsening effects to each generation of children. 

Personally, I believe we can make huge improvements in our bodies and minds and their ability to perform, by consuming a good traditional diet and by knowing how to better maintain ourselves physically and mentally. My get well story is a prime example of that. 

Dr. Weston Price certainly had no doubts as to the deterioration that can occur to the human body and mind in the absence of healthy eating….

Dr. Weston A. Price Greatest Nutrition And Healthy Eating Researcher

Dr. Weston A. Price, D.D.S., (1870-1948), Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, has been referred to as the greatest nutrition and healthy eating researcher from the twentieth century. Dr. Weston Price witnessed up close and personal the drastic impact that a poor diet can have on the teeth, skeletal system, and overall human body as demonstrated in the below astonishing traditional foods video from the wellness crusading Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation at 

The following outstanding traditional foods and diets video shows the dramatic physical degeneration that occurred to native people from around the globe after altering their nourishing indigenous diets by consuming more nutrient deficient, refined, and denatured replacement foods. 

If you have already seen this shocking video, then watch it again and again. For its message needs to permeate through society to effect a much needed change in the modern day diet of today. 

The video also briefly summarizes the cat studies of Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., M.D., in which major negative changes were noted in the skeletal structure, fertility, and behavior of cats based on the amounts of cooked and raw foods they consumed. 

OK, are you ready to be further educated on… 

“How Can I Improve My Health?”

Well then, let’s get started. Please view the “awareness raising” traditional food for health video below which presents Dr. Weston Price’s visually impacting research findings on vibrantly healthy native people from around the world that he visited in the 1920s and 1930s. This below healthy eating video clearly presents the adverse effects of our modern diet upon our health. 

Also, make sure your speaker is turned on when viewing the following must see incredible wellness video. 

It’s Time To Cross The Bridge To True Healthy Eating Awareness…

Dr. Weston A. Price Video

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As seen in the above fascinating traditional foods video, those peoples that consumed their indigenous traditional foods diet, and their children, had beautiful, perfectly aligned teeth, full smiles and experienced rare tooth decay. 

According to Dr. Weston Price, the new generation born after these parents abandoned healthy eating and adopted the imported more modern foods, often exhibited a change in the shape of the face and dental arches. As the dental arches became smaller from this inadequate diet, the teeth did not have enough room to come in properly. 

Dr. Weston Price discovered the health promoting traditional diets amongst the primitives, that exhibited “perfect physical and dental health into old age,” were quite diverse. Some were based on sea foods, some on domesticated animals, some on game and some on dairy products. 

Milk was consumed raw

Yes, these traditional foods and native diets consisted of animal foods such as delicious butter, fish eggs, shellfish, eggs, organ meats and animal fats – rich foods that are very much shunned by the American people as being unhealthful because of their high cholesterol. 

overweight poor diet

 Never at any point in time have there been more “low-fat” foods consumed, and yet our obesity rates and disease are at an all time high. Is it time to reintroduce the good fats and clear up this “fat phobia” misunderstanding? 

Should we “re-embrace” these historically used good fats that have nourished man for thousands of years? Should we avoid the more recently introduced and highly processed, rancid, hydrogenated, and partially hydrogenated oils, that are infiltrating our food supply, like the plague? Weston Price surely thinks so. 

You mean fat is good for me? Absolutely, the good fats that is. Sally Fallon, President of The Weston Price Foundation and Dr. Mary Enig, International Expert on the Biochemistry of Food and Fat will help you get over your “fat phobia” with Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats at Amazon

What a thrill to realize good fats are good for us. Ahh, satiated at last! Go to my Amazon book store to see all of the fantastic get well books. 

To continue, some tribal diets contained almost no plant foods, while others contained a mixture of grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. All traditional cultures cooked some of their food, but all ate some of their animal foods raw. 

Dr. Weston Price analyzed the various traditional foods diets and found that though their healthy eating diets were different, all contained at least four times the amounts of water-soluble vitamins and minerals than compared to the diet of his day. Also, of extreme significance, was that the indigenous diets contained 10 times more of the fat-soluble vitamins found in animal fats, including vitamin A and vitamin D – key components of healthy diets according to Weston Price. 

Furthermore, none of the healthy eating traditional foods diets contained any devitalized or refined foods such as white sugar and flour, canned foods, pasteurized milk, homogenized milk, skimmed milk, nor refined, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. The fresh whole wheat flour, not white refined flour, was consumed. Grains were soaked, to break down phytic acid and increase nutrition, prior to consumption. 

It’s time to make drastic changes in our eating habits, the health of our future generations and are own rests in our own eating choices. We must choose food for health and can no longer go forward with the deadly diet of today. 

This Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats at Amazon will teach you how to get started with your new healthy eating habits. Please read my Nourishing Traditions review

Nutrition And Healthy Eating Foundations

The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and the Weston A. Price Foundation are two excellent traditional diets and healthy eating foundations worthy of your support. They are both working diligently to bring this much needed food for health message to the people. I am currently a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. 

Raw Milk Source

Go to to find your closest source of delicious raw milk that has nourished man for thousands of years. Also, please observe the beautiful physiques of East African tribal members that consume native and traditional foods including body building raw milk

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