Wheatgrass Benefits Are Numerous and Amazing

Wheatgrass benefits are truly phenomenal. Drinking this wonderful liquid chlorophyll green cocktail, recharges people’s lives. It has been a spectacular natural healing remedy for thousands of people and it is also being used to help with disease prevention. I think you will really enjoy learning about the fantastic health benefits of wheatgrass juice. 

Because I fell in love with this plant, and understanding there was an important need for a growing wheatgrass book that answers the many wheatgrass growing questions, I wrote How to Grow Glorious Wheatgrass at Home Tutorial. I am hoping the book and its many valuable messages will lead to a healthier you and an enhanced tomorrow…

Drinking this wheatgrass juice which is the ultimate health food, just might jump-start your life and help bring about a far more healthy body and improved quality of life. The wheatgrass benefits are really worth getting excited about. 

Below are just a few of the remarkable wheatgrass benefits that many claim can occur from drinking this powerful “fountain of youth” elixir. 

Many people drink this green vegetable juice because they want to include more healthy habits and raw foods into their lives. Wheatgrass juice is even the primary health building tool at these raw food retreat healing centers. Others drink this wheatgrass nutrition to help overcome serious illness. These close to miraculous wheatgrass benefits offer something good for everyone. 

Wheatgrass Medical Research

Some of the following wheatgrass benefits are anecdotal (personal observation, case study reports, clinical experience or random investigations). There are also more and more encouraging wheatgrass benefits medical research studies showing the efficacy of this fascinating green plant and its liquid “stream of life.” 

Wheatgrass Benefits Include Impressive Health Improvements

  • The vegetable grass food is likely the strongest and safest natural healing remedy, because of its revitalizing liquid chlorophyll and inherent ability to strengthen the immune system and bolster good health.
  • Extraordinary natural health value in the prevention and healing of many of man’s common ailments – it truly promotes good health.
  • Research by Dr. Charles F. Schnabel (1895-1974), chemist and agriculturalist, found that cereal grass was a valuable source of important nutrients. Schnabel wrote that 15 pounds of wheatgrass had more nutritional value than 350 pounds of fresh, whole vegetables.
  • Dr. Schnabel also found that chickens are far healthier when eating wheatgrass.
  • Grass juice does not specifically target one condition, it instead boosts immunity and optimal functioning of the entire body. As the body becomes more nourished and the excess toxins have been decreased, then many different health problems seem to disappear. Wheatgrass benefits include aiding the body’s ability to cure itself from its nourishing and body cleansing abilities.
  • Great way to pull in another green vegetable into the diet – this particular green food is the most phenomenal in its healing abilities – seems to be a wonderful natural health medicine.
  • Mental energy and condition is enhanced as body becomes stronger and healthier from regularly drinking the vitalizing juice. Many report feeling more capable, smarter and having increased focus from wheatgrass benefits.
  • This enzyme rich juice invigorates the body leading to increased vitality, stamina and energy. It is an extremely healthy food that helps fight fatigue.
  • Wheatgrass benefits include reportedly stimulating metabolism and the bodily enzyme systems.
  • Consumers of this all natural wheatgrass drink feel like they have a more healthy body, increased feeling of spirituality and experience a sense of greater well being. Many people feel more happy.
  • Speaking of happy, many people report it is quite the aphrodisiac food.
  • Ann Wigmore helped people get well from chronic disorders for 30 years using this anti aging green drink. Renowned Ann Wigmore seemed to bring back to life – through providing this fresh green live juice – those with what seemed to be insurmountable health problems and who had lost all hope.

Wheatgrass Benefits and Cancer

A Ann Wigmore experienced tremendous success in terms of teaching those at her natural health institute how to become healthy using the almighty wheatgrass juice. 

From people overcoming their digestive issues to reportedly curing cancer, Wigmore was quite the talk of the town. The astounding benefits of drinking wheatgrass from her health institute, spread throughout the world.

Wigmore found regular wheatgrass juice consumption to be especially safe and effective treatment for: digestion problems, ulcers, obesity, arthritis, emphysema, diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure, pancreas and liver problems, multiple sclerosis, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, halitosis, body odor, constipation, skin issues, hemorrhoids, gastritis, oral infections, burns, athlete’s foot, bleeding gums, and even as a natural cancer treatment. After 20 years of teaching patients about natural healing, curing cancer naturally, and wheatgrass benefits at her natural health institute, she believed all types of cancer can be overcome.

Because of the benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice, Wigmore used the live energy juice as a safe, natural and no side effect immunotherapy treatment for reportedly curing cancer at her natural healing institute. From her wheatgrass cancer research and hands on experiences, she strongly believed the wheatgrass benefits included having anticancer abilities. You can read an interesting brief biography of the tenacious Ann Wigmore and learn what personal struggles led to her natural healing calling.

Healthy Immune System Naturally Destroys Tumor Video 

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This video shows several activated T-cells attacking rapidly dividing cancer cells of a growing tumor. 

The activation and proliferation of cytotoxic T-cells are critical for immune-mediated tumor destruction. 

Recent scientific advances have reignited interest in the area of cancer immunotherapy. Do you think wheatgrass juice and barley grass juice are potent immunotherapy tools? Ann Wigmore certainly had no doubts about that. She knew quite clearly the benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice, as she saw up close and personal this affordable, natural, no side effects, green immunotherapy treatment that time after time cured all kinds of cancer. 

Her wheatgrass health benefits stories are truly remarkable. 

Further Wheatgrass Health Benefits

Ann Wigmore had provided regular wheatgrass juice to many people that were bedridden “incurables.” Through later checking with these bedridden folks of which she had previously made daily wheatgrass juice calls, none were bedridden anymore. Because of the benefits of drinking wheatgrass, those with the desire, were happily able to go back to part time and full time work. 

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  • If you are interested in personally experiencing the sensational benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice, you can easily learn how to grow wheatgrass at home.
  • Slows down aging of cells
  • A new healthy force seems to well up inside many with health problems.
  • Helps with constipation relief and keeping the bowels moving. It has been used successfully to treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal tract problems. This wonderful colon cleanse product helped many relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and many other bowel problems – this is the product that helped restore my health.
  • Neutralizes the acidity of the body fluids and spontaneously invigorates thyroid gland function
  • Many people claim as they have gotten better health from drinking the alternative remedy vegetable juice regularly, they were able to naturally lose weight.
  • Seems to flush out heavy metals from the body through its body cleansing abilities
  • Found to be antibacterial and anti inflammatory
  • Assists with fighting tumors naturally and neutralizes toxins. Many people say the cereal grasses have helped their tumors disappear and also naturally beat cancer.
  • Some people gargle with the healing vegetable juice to help a sore throat.
  • There are claims of wheatgrass benefits such as the dissolving of scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acid gasses.
  • Provides essential enzymes that are critical to better digestion and good health. (Cooking will destroy the enzymes in the fragile wheatgrass juice.)
  • Wheatgrass implants and enemas can help reverse damage from inside the lower bowel. They stimulate a rapid cleansing of the lower bowel and draw out toxic accumulations. Enemas for health have been used for thousands of years.
  • Wheatgrass juice can be taken orally and as a colon enema and implant without toxic side effects – healing centers that adhere to Ann Wigmore’s natural healing philosophies, also use wheatgrass juice enemas and temporary implants (Eydie Mae, How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, held her implants no more than about 20 minutes though others have reportedly held them for longer) as part of their get healthy treatments.
  • You can place a tray of live growing wheatgrass near your bed. Some say it will improve the oxygen in the air and create healthy negative ions to help one sleep more peacefully.
  • Cereal grass reportedly neutralizes toxic substances like cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury and polyvinyl chloride.
  • Brilliant research scientist and fan of wheatgrass benefits, Dr. G.H. Earp-Thomas, expert in grasses, plants and chlorophyll, soil analyzation and leading former “grass expert” of the world reportedly proved in his lab that vegetables and fruits, contaminated by sprays, were completely cleaned by a small bundle of wheatgrass placed in the water in which they were washed.
  • Dr. Earp-Thomas claimed tests showed that when he added a few blades of wheatgrass to fluoridated water for several minutes, no fluorine was traceable.
  • Dr. Earp-Thomas also claimed he used the wheatgrass juice for the sterilization of his instruments and for washing his hands when working with various types of bacteria – he found it to be better than boiling water.
  • Dr. Chiu-nan Lai, Ph.D. at the University of Texas System Cancer Center, Dept. of Biology, Houston, Texas, found in 1978 wheat sprout extracts and its chlorophyll to inhibit in vitro (in a test tube) metabolic activation of carcinogens. The wheatgrass health benefits continue to be reported as these wheatgrass testimonials explain.

External Wheatgrass Benefits

  • Using grass poultices to heal wounds has been common in folk medicine for recorded centuries.
  • Within a month of drinking this natural healing remedy, open and running deep ulcer sores on the skin reportedly heal or start healing.
  • Soothing green juice externally applied to the skin can help eliminate itching almost immediately.
  • Wheatgrass benefits include soothing sunburned skin and act as a disinfectant.
  • Some rub the green juice into the scalp before shampooing to help repair damaged hair and to relieve flaky and itchy scalp conditions.
  • Wheatgrass juice is healing and soothing for burns, rashes, athlete’s foot, insect bites, boils, skin sores, open ulcers, cuts, tumors and other aggravating skin conditions.
  • Can be put into the bath water to better enjoy a nice long relaxing bath
  • Some gargle with the green drink to decrease halitosis, freshen the breath and tighten the gums.

Wheatgrass Juice Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

wheatgrass beauty


  • Promotes youthfulness, natural beauty and more fresh beautiful skin – which is a mirror of good health
  • Regular consumption seems to help tighten skin – drink it and notice the improvement in your facial complexion and skin
  • Many take on a healthier looking appearance from the body cleansing and great nourishing qualities of this regenerating green vegetable drink. 

Well this wheatgrass benefits page is getting kind of long, so learn more about the marvelous wheatgrass health benefits including the astounding ability to naturally improve blood count in the body from regular wheatgrass juice consumption, learn about the body cleansing and healing liquid chlorophyll in this incomparable juice, and a bit on the cereal grass barley which is also very nourishing.

cheers wheatgrass


  1. Jerry Alexander says:

    I have heard that wheatgrass juice will help old eyes by clearing vision somewhat. Is this true?
    Thank You,
    Jerry Alexander

    • Hi Jerry, I notice I have more clarity with my vision when consuming the wheatgrass juice. Go ahead and drink the wheatgrass juice and see what you notice.

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