How Much Wheatgrass Juice or Barley Grass Juice Should I Drink?

You will learn how much wheatgrass juice to drink per day and how much barley grass juice to drink per day to obtain their marvelous health promoting benefits. These are recommended cereal grass dosage amounts. 

In general, for normal health maintenance, drinking one to two ounces of wheatgrass juice or barley grass juice every day or every other day is common. If you have never consumed these green elixirs before, one ounce is a good place to start. 

These recommended how much wheatgrass per day dosages apply to the wheatgrass juice and the extraordinary fresh squeezed barley grass juice. Now you will also know how much barley grass juice to drink per day. 

Build Up Slowly

Many authors recommended to start out with 1 ounce per day for two to three weeks and then to move up to 2 ounces per day. Then if more wheatgrass or barley grass juice is desired, wait another two to three weeks to increase one more ounce. Then wait another two to three weeks to go for four ounces. 

Some people like one ounce per day, some like two ounces per day and believe it or not some like four ounces or more per day. Most people do not take more than 2 ounces at one time, as it is very potent. 

This starting slower procedure works well for those who could be more toxic. Authors recommend smaller dosages of this health drink initially as there could be detox or cleansing reactions from the powerful green vegetable. That has been the same motto with anythingnew I pull into my diet, start slowly, and work up.

This green drink is very cleansing and can result in increased elimination if you initially consume too much. 

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The chlorophyll in the green blades of grass is the best of the natural detoxing and rejuvenating foods. 

Personally, drinking about 2 ounces per day, with a break now and then works fine for me. I have not consumed much more than 2 ounces per day. Sometimes I will juice up the grass in the later afternoon. It really depends on my schedule and how I feel. I let my body be the guide

There are truly astounding health benefits achieved by drinking this wonderful food. In fact, even Jesus Christ recommended consuming wheatgrass for its health building abilities. 

Ideal Time to Drink Wheatgrass

According to Ann Wigmore (pioneer in wheatgrass juice usage), wheat grass juice should be ideally taken straight or mixed with distilled water one hour before meals or two hours afterwards. Others say not to eat food one hour before, or one hour after drinking wheat grass juice. What’s then best, if possible, is to drink it on an empty or nearly empty stomach. 

Learn more about the inspiring Ann Wigmore (1909-1994), who helped thousands naturally overcome severe illnesses, even cancer, by providing the blood enriching and immune system building fresh wheatgrass juice. Ann Wigmore biography will give you a glimpse of what fueled her passion for educating people on this phenomenal and healthy food. 

How impressive that this body strengthening liquid actually builds red blood cells. Read this inspiring anemia improvement with wheatgrass testimonial

how much wheatgrass to drinkIf the how much wheatgrass per day recommendation has your stomach turning upside down, just mix your green liquid with a juice like pineapple, apple or your favorite choice. Wheatgrass juice can also be mixed with any fresh vegetable juice. Then you won’t even be able to taste the green juice. Understand that the barley grass juice has no bad taste and is equally healing. 

You can learn which is the best juicer to extract the precious green grass liquid

The nourishing green drink is also ideally taken in small amounts throughout the course of the day, according to Ann Wigmore. 

As much as I would like to say I always drink the cleansing green drink on an empty or nearly empty stomach, well I just can’t say that. I do strive for the best, and I know what the optimum way to drink the juice is, but many times I am just happy to be getting the great live enzymes into my body even though the timing may not be most favorable. 

Wigmore also says, slowly sipping small quantities of the juice gives your body an opportunity to get used to its taste and effect. Taking one to two ounce drinks straight or mixed with other juices (fruit and vegetable) and sipping slowly, will help prevent nausea or stomach upset. The temporary nausea is a side effect some may experience. 

The barley grass juice does not seem to cause this temporary nausea that some may experience from drinking wheatgrass juice. 

I remember years ago, drinking one ounce of the wheatgrass juice and feeling nauseous for a bit. I thought, OK this is not for me. 

But now several years later, and now that it is part of my routine, I don’t have that nauseous feeling. Though occasionally, when the wheatgrass juice is real potent smelling, I question whether or not I can drink it and keep it down. Well, so far so good… 

Cereal Grasses Are Very Safe

In my readings, it appears the cereal grasses are very safe. There are even wheatgrass juice medical research studies being done in which cancer patients are given this immune system building juice to help offset the damages to one’s body from chemotherapy. 

In a couple of research studies completed, improvements were noted in patient’s conditions from drinking one to two ounces of wheatgrass juice per day. Here are noteworthy medical research studies, plus other promising studies on the efficacy of this marvelous green plant

Contraindications: Those on medications that are unable to take vegetables, or vegetables with higher amounts of vitamin K like wheatgrass, should check with their healthcare provider. Pregnant and nursing mothers should check with their doctor to find out if they support consuming wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass contains no wheat gluten. 

The Fresher Healthy Juice Is Better

Try to consume the wheatgrass juice or barley grass juice as close to possible after juicing. Some recommend within 15-30 minutes of juicing, as its nutritional value can decrease the more time that lapses. The sooner it is consumed after it has been juiced, the better. 

I teach how to grow wheatgrass and barley grass at home in my tutorial 

Sometimes, I will bring this green drink to friends and I have stored it for more than 15 minutes. Well, though not optimal, I know my friends are still getting terrific nutrition. My friends have remarked as to the energy it gave them and the increased sense of well being even though 15-25 minutes had passed since the actual juicing. 

The Wheatgrass Juice Tastes Awful!

At the juice bars, I drink the wheatgrass juice then follow up with another small cup of fruit juice. Drinking that little fruit juice helps takes away the lack of delight over the grassy taste. 

Now that I grow my own cherished cereal grass at home, I don’t follow my wheatgrass juice with a small shot of fruit juice. Also, I usually drink my revitalizing green drink plain or add in some fresh squeezed vegetable juice. I prefer to add freshly juiced carrot juice with my grass juice when I have the extra time to juice those carrots also. Let your palate dictate your preferences. The most important thing is to get that wheatgrass juice in you, but disguise its flavor with fresh juices if you don’t like its taste. 

Let’s say you have no fresh juices to combine with your wheatgrass juice, well though not ideal, you can add in pasteurized juices. My mother will only drink the cereal grass juice if she can add some pasteurized apple juice with it. So if your selected fruit or vegetable juice is not fresh, at least you can get wheatgrass and its extraordinary blood cleansing enzymes into you. 

Don’t abandon this whole wheatgrass juice idea if you don’t like the taste. Just be creative to get this wheatgrass juice down you. Then, since you will just feel more


from drinking this juice, that will be the driving force for you wanting to continue to pull this into your diet. Plus, your knowledge about how this food is doing great things for your body will make you want to continue consuming too. 

Barley Grass Juices Tastes Mild

If you really don’t like the flavor of the wheatgrass juice, then just drink the equally nutritious and potent barley grass juice. The barley grass juice has a very mild taste. Many people find it easier to consume. 

If you want super convenience and also powerful health building benefits, then buy the number one BarleyLife barley grass powder. The BarleyLife recommended dosages are also on that page. Additionally, you won’t want to miss this BarleyLife testimonial in which one woman claims her “incurable” Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer was overcome with the BarleyLife barley grass powder. 

To Help Overcome Illness Dosages Are Higher

On a healing regime, the how much wheatgrass per day recommended dosage increases. Wigmore suggests you drink 1 or 2 ounces up to 3 or 4 times a day – and to take one day of rest. 

Some people trying to overcome life threatening illnesses are taking from four ounces even up to 20 ounces per day. However, for some, that higher amount is partially taken by enema and colon implants. These higher dosages are partially taken by enema and implants as it is difficult for many to consume such high amounts without the nausea factor kicking in. 

Here are two excellent wheatgrass juice retreats that serve plenty of wheatgrass juice to improve the health of their guests. 

Eydie Mae, author of How I Conquered Cancer Naturally overcame malignant breast cancer by attending Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts back in the earlier 1970’s and by taking the nutritional approach to curing cancer. 

Eydie Mae largely credits the wheatgrass juice as being instrumental in helping to overcome her cancer. 

According to Eydie Mae, she worked up to drinking 2 ounces of wheatgrass juice 4 times per day. Yes, throughout the course of the day, she drank a total of 8 ounces of this amazing immune system building green drink. She also took 1 green fluid enema and 2 green implants per day. 

Eydie Mae explains how Ann Wigmore taught her that “implants of wheatgrass chlorophyll constitute the most effective blood cleanser and builder known; that chlorophyll implants cleanse the colon and can actually sustain human life when oral nourishment is impossible.” 

So getting back to drinking this green cocktail, it seems to be a case by case basis to answer your how much wheatgrass juice should you drink question. 

If I were dealing with a serious health disorder and knew I had to certainly boost my immune system, I would definitely drink more, just as Ann Wigmore gave higher amounts to those facing serious illnesses. (I would also be working with a highly qualified staff of health care practitioners to monitor my progress and to help turn my health around.) 

To read further about the differing dosages people have taken, a terrific book is Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grasses to Revitalize Your Health. He does an excellent job of compiling lots of information on this wonderful plant, some of its history, inspiring healing testimonies, how to do wheatgrass juice enemas and implants, and lots of valuable resources and further details on the subject. 

Another great book is by Ann Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality. The book shares her decades of knowledge on cereal grass and the “miracle” healings that occur from its use. She also explains how to do an implant from the juice of this cleansing plant. The book contains practical information on growing and using the green regenerating “liquid sunshine” for only pennies a serving. 

You can learn how to grow mineral rich wheatgrass in my tutorial.

I hope these recommended cereal grass dosages will help you if you were wondering how much wheatgrass should you drink a day and how much barley grass juice to drink per day. Remember to start slow and listen to your body too. 

Do you have a wheatgrass juice testimonial you would love to share


  1. I have just started to give our elderly sisters this green wheat grass juice. Someone told me it gives immunity. I had not heard that before.

    • Wheatgrass juice is a true superfood. If the minerals and trace elements are in the soil, the wheatgrass will absorb them. Different plants can absorb different amounts of nutrients – and wheatgrass is the best at absorbing minerals and trace elements from the soil. Then when you consume the juice, you are taking in these valuable minerals and trace elements – and the more minerals and trace elements the better! This powerful nutrition is a wonderful way to strengthen your immune system. I go into more details about this in my book How to Grow Glorious Wheatgrass.

      If you are really interested in supporting your health and balance, you will also want to learn about essential oils. Here is my essential oils website. These Young Living essential oils are so helpful and effective and have enhanced my health in so many areas. Have a wonderful day Cecilia!

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