Whole Wheat Flour Components

Whole wheat flour that is freshly ground from the entire wheat seed, contains many valuable nutrients including 44 vitamins and minerals. 

flour mill Here is a valuable nutritional comparison chart of whole wheat flour versus refined white flour. The whole wheat seed can be either planted or ground to release its fantastic therapeutic and nutritional qualities. 

The magnificently healing wheatgrass also grows from this wheat seed. Since the whole wheat kernel is a complex carb, most people find it does not affect their glycemic index. 

The processing of the wheat grain started in the 1870′s with the roller mill technology, and since then wheat consumption has not been quite the same. 

It used to be just about all people consumed the whole wheat flour from the entire wheat grain. 

Today, only 8% of Americans ever eat any 100% whole grain or whole wheat flour products at all. 

But I know you are ready to make some nutritional improvements in your life. You are ready to reduce those health compromising, processed refined white flour products. You are ready to increase the whole wheat flour nutrition into you and your family’s diet. Well say no more, you have come to the right place. I believe the whole wheat flour nutrition information below will help to inspire you. 

OK, let’s get this “whole wheat flour party” started… 

Dr. Weston Price Expert Whole Foods Nutrition Researcher

Is processed white flour really causing harm to the human species? Please view the astounding nutrition video on my Dr. Weston Price page which clearly depicts the physical damage done to native peoples when they started consuming processed nutrient depleted foods, including refined white flour products. Truly a must see. 

Refined white flour and processed white flour products sadly make up a very large part of the American diet today. 

What kind of foods are handed out in mass at school parties? Is there any true whole wheat flour foods served to our school children at lunch time? Do the schools understand the health benefits of soaked whole wheat flour bread? What kinds of snacks are frequently passed out to children at their sports events and numerous activities? 

These foods are certainly convenient, have a longer shelf life, and do taste good with all of the sugar and tasty chemicals added to this flavorless, nutrient depleted white flour. But, what price has our health paid for this convenience and brief pleasure to the palate? Eat these foods now and one can pay the price for this choice in increased health costs and problems down the road. Yes, the highly processed white flour has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart and circulation problems to name a few little associated health problems. 

Let me explain about the parts of the whole wheat flour that are removed in the milling process, resulting in the white flour. First the whole wheat seed is ground and turned into whole wheat flour, then the highly nutritious parts of the whole wheat flour are removed leaving just the white flour. The flour is later bleached. 

Take a look below at the various nutritious, filtered out, whole wheat flour components pictures. All that remains is the nutrient depleted white flour that can now be stored for about eternity without the concern of spoilage. Awe, the perfect “food.” 

Whole Wheat Flour Parts Removed During Grain Milling

wheat branWheat bran is a wonderful high fiber food. It assists the body to more rapidly remove wastes, toxins, and old debris from the colon. Wastes, toxins and stagnate materials in the colon contribute to many health problems. This bran, being one of the excellent high fiber foods, will aid the digestive process. 

wheat middlingsWheat middlings are the highly nutritious outer layer of the grain which is located directly under the bran. To see a great descriptive picture of the whole wheat seed, please click here. The wheat middlings contain a high percentage of minerals and vitamins. The wheat middlings are removed and then sold to farmers and ranchers as feed for their livestock. 

wheat germWheat germ has always been recommended as a superior health food. It has many reported benefits including its ability to lower cholesterol, fight colon cancer, and it can help reduce constipation and digestion problems. 

The “germ” is actually in the center or heart of the wheat seed. It contains protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fat. The wheat germ is separated during the milling process and sold as a nutritional supplement. Wheat germ is a leading source of Vitamin E. 

wheat germ oilWheat germ oil is very high in vitamins also, but it is removed along with the wheat germ to allow for longer shelf life of the white flour. The oil which is released during milling is quickly oxidized by oxygen in the atmosphere and it becomes rancid. This rancidity can cause a bitter and unfavorable taste. Rancid oils have been shown to be carcinogenic. Wheat germ oil is used in the beauty industry because of its favorable Vitamin E content. 

refined wheat flourRefined white flour is the end result of this milling process. Whereas the whole grain still contains the nutritious active ingredients of the whole grain seed, refined flour contains only trace amounts of the vitamins and vitamin-like substances. 

During processing, the wheat germ or cereal germ that is highly rich in vitamins is removed. As a result, refined white flour is just about nothing more than a lifeless and nutritionless caloric food supply. This commercially processed and tasteless refined flour is missing the wholesome ingredients of the original whole grain seed, including vitamins, valuable trace elements, and essential amino acids. 

It is a big culprit to many of our health challenges. Guilty as charged! 

Nutrient lacking white flour is at the root of many of today’s diseases including obesity, constipation, hypoglycemia, and diabetes… Mandated governmental enrichment consists of adding unnatural small amounts of Niacin, Thiamin, B1, B2, Iron and Folic Acid. 

High fiber foods help along digestion. Bran is removed to increase storage capabilities of the flour. Because bran is removed during the processing of the whole wheat flour, the resulting white flour cannot be easily digested. It can impair digestion and plugs things up in the intestinal tract. Ever eaten too much refined white flour pizza? 

(Side note: On my journey back to health, my natural health practitioner insisted I give up my beloved white flour tortillas. Ouch, those were a bit tough to give up, but I am glad I did. This great health practitioner even called me to make sure I was following her “no white flour” requests!) 

fresh ground flourFresh ground whole wheat flour, one of the outstanding high fiber foods, contains each and every component that was originally in the wheat seed. It is a truly nutritious whole food. If you ever start baking your own fresh ground whole wheat bread, you will have a long list of friends eager to partake of your creation! 

There is a difference between fresh milled flour and whole wheat flour that has been sitting on the shelf

Some of my friends have even offered to buy my bread from me. Artisanal bread baking entrepreneurs, please take note of that. Wouldn’t it be great to have bread bakeries in our local shopping centers that sell organic fresh baked whole wheat bread in which the grains have been soaked first. Talk about heaven and great nutrition! And let’s get this nutritious bread in our schools, restaurants, and hospitals while we are at it. I think this country is ready for this! 

I would certainly prefer freshly baked bread being sold on about every corner instead of the preponderance of pharmaceuticals being dispensed on about every corner and in every store. 

Do you think less pharmaceuticals would need to be dispensed if more people ate whole grain bread with the entire grain? This 100% whole grain bread is one of the great tasting and very nutritious high fiber foods. What a great way to get your fiber! 

OK and just as a refresher, most “whole wheat” or “brown wheat” products are made with refined white flour with just enough of the brown flour added to make the product look like it is “whole wheat.” 

I further discuss the shelf life of whole wheat flour in my How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread book.


prayer fresh bread

“Give Us This Day Our Daily ‘Whole Wheat’ Bread.”
I use the L’Equip 760200 Nutrimill Grain Mill for sale at Amazon, for grinding my wheat. It turns grains into flour in a jiffy. Super grain grinder! If you want to grind your own grains to produce this marvelous fresh flour, you will be “over the moon” about this grain mill. 

Check out these Top Ten reasons you’ll love your Nutrimill Grain Mill. Here is a picture of the Nutrimill parts plus How To Make Flour instruction video

Here is the picture at Amazon if you would like to look into it. You cannot go wrong with the Nutrimill grain mill. Fresh, nutritious, whole grain flour awaits you! 

bosch sale

The Bosch Universal Plus with Blender Model: MUM6N11UC is my recommended bread maker and dough mixer appliance. Once you grind your own wheat grains and turn them into powdery flour, you will have to make your very own homemade bread. 
This homemade breadmaking thrill is right around the corner with the help of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. I own the Bosch mixer and will happily stick with the Bosch line. I am extremely pleased with this mixing appliance.

What is a Great 100% Whole Grain Bread?

Since I can’t always make my own bread, and I don’t have a bakery making fresh whole grain bread in my neighborhood, I buy whole wheat bread from two different companies. I buy my sandwich bread made by Alvarado Street Bakery

Most of their breads are 100% whole grain bread and all of their breads are made with organic wheat. I love their Sprouted Sourdough bread for sandwiches. 

I love Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins by Food For Life

how and why to make divine soaked flour breadI also really enjoy their 7-Sprouted Grains English Muffins. They are both made from 100% sprouted organic whole grains. The breads from both of these outstanding non-refined whole grain bread companies do have a shorter shelf life. However, they freeze beautifully – problem solved! Once they are unfrozen, they last for about a week out on the counter and a little longer if they are refrigerated. 


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