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Hi, I'm Eryn Paige. Welcome! I am so happy you found Health Banquet.

Here you will learn about nature's gifts including amazing Young Living “Superhero” like essential oils, that can dramatically help with health and well-being. As the Editor of Health Banquet, I recommend excellent healthful ideas, foods, products, things to be aware of, and inspiration to add to your quality and joy for life.

Don't wait to incorporate Young Living essential oils into your life. I would love to share with you about Young Living essential oils and products and how they can have a profound impact physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. You can contact me here.

When you buy the YL essential oils through me, I will provide you information on the best books and resources to understand how to use and incorporate these oils into your life. You can also then be part of my Superhero Oils Team to stay educated in this fascinating area. Here is my sales page on the Young Living essential oils and products.

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Could Young Living Essential Oils
Be The Missing Health Link for You?

If you are interested in health and wellness, please get comfortable and take the time to listen to the below what can be "life changing" information on The Missing Link by Gary Young. Then contact me here and I would love to talk to you about the Young Living essential oils and how they may be able to help you.

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