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Hi, I'm Eryn Paige and I live in Arizona. If you would like to learn about natural gifts that God has provided us to fortify, nourish, strengthen, protect, bless and add enjoyment to our lives, then you have arrived to the right place.

Enjoy the Blessings of Essential Oils

I teach how to bless yourself and your loved ones spiritually, mentally, and physically with the usage of essential oils. I teach about oils that hundreds of thousands of people have relied on to achieve optimal wellness. I teach how quality determines clinical value and I teach about the unique healing properties of different essential oils which were our medicines over 5,000 years ago.

Essential oils were used by Christ and biblical prophets such as Abraham and Moses as well as kings, priests, emperors and pharaohs from different cultures and times, to promote youthfulness, beauty and protection from disease and plagues.

Would you like to learn how to benefit from essential oils too? Then you will love learning about amazing Young Living “Superhero” like essential oils, that can dramatically help with health and balance. The YL essential oils are the only essential oils I recommend, and I would love to teach you (or your group) how to help yourself with these gifts from God.

The reality is that we live in a toxic world, and we consume foods void of minerals they should have within them, and we need to be proactive to best support and protect ourselves. Don't wait to incorporate Young Living detoxifying essential oils into your life so you can begin experiencing the many health benefits they will provide you. Would you like to learn how they can help and order them? You can contact me here to get them. Believe me, these oils are the real deal. You'll want to get them and get using them, and be able to share them with those you care about. Here you can see these awesome products beautifully displayed in my YL website.

Can Sea Salt Fertilization Help Us?

Sea salt fertilization, as I state in my book Sea Salt Fertilization - Healthier Soil and a Healthier You! is a non-toxic fertilizer that leads to healthier soil and plants. It is a safe and wonderful sustainable resource to remineralize our poor soil that is creating weaker plants more vulnerable to insect attack. Healthier plants equals less need for pesticides. It is a wonderful fertilizer for the lawn. In fact, my wheatgrass flourished through using it.

There are tremendous benefits of fertilizing gardens and crops with true sustainable sea salt, and one is surely lucky to eat those truly nutrient dense sea salt fertilized foods. But wait, you say, "I thought salt was to be avoided. I thought salt was evil." Well how is it that our marine life flourishes in seawater which is a vast solution of liquefied sea salt? Are all the marine creatures dead or experiencing high blood pressure because of the sodium solution they live in 24/7? No, the aquatic life bursts with glorious health! No medications, pesticides, or fertilizers are intentionally added to the briny oceans - and the lifeforms still largely exhibit perfection! What can we learn from this? Have you ever noticed your tears are salty? Can the right kind of sea salt in the right amount truly be our friend too in numerous ways? You can learn how to select good salt and learn what bad salt is in my book Sea Salt Fertilization.

Let's restore and remineralize our depleted soil around the world with true sea salt with all of its minerals and trace elements as found in the ocean. These then healthier and more robust gardens and crops grown with true Sea Salt Fertilization will allow for the reduction or maybe even in some cases elimination of the deadly pesticide usage that is negatively impacting us. Healthier soil and foods, less non-selective biocides and endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our food chain and ecosytem is a good thing for everyone. Let's embrace our historical interconnectedness with the ancient ocean and its highly prized sea salt. Be part of the sustainable Sea Salt Fertilization movement and please spread the word!

Let's work toward a planet where our hospitals are no longer filled with children and adults dying from cancer and struggling with all kinds of unnecessary illness. Let's spread the word about God's medicines including YL essential oils that help in so many areas including assisting those suffering in silence with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Far too many struggle to get better because they are unaware of natural solutions available.

I know God wants us to be healthy and to use the natural gifts he has provided to help us on our journey through life - and to live the lives we are all meant to live. I know what I share here at Health Banquet can greatly help us in one way or another.

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