Can Handling Bowel Problems and Anxiety Lead to Adrenal Fatigue Recovery?

Adrenal fatigue cure for me was found by overcoming my longstanding anxiety and panic attacks, banishing my severe anxiety attacks symptoms, and also after doing a highly beneficial colon cleanse.  I continue to support my adrenals and nervous system with Young Living essential oils and have witnessed them taking my health to an even higher level.  It took me many years to understand how to effectively use them to support my health.  Additionally, as my hormones are changing through the years, I understand the critical importance of balancing them and the YL essential oils have been instrumental with this.  They have been a real life saver for me!

Toward the beginning of my health challenges, I first went the medical route and obtained a full physical. All appropriately taken tests came back fine, which was good. But, my perplexing health challenges continued and I was unable to resolve them on my own. 

Therefore, I then worked with a natural health practitioner. Actually, she was one of many to come. She had me take a saliva test by Diagnos-Techs, Inc., Clinical and Research Laboratory which is located in Kent, Washington, to perhaps get a further understanding of what could be causing my mental and emotional imbalances and exacerbating health symptoms. This particular saliva test diagnosed me as having adrenal insufficiency – adrenal fatigue syndrome. It can also be called adrenal exhaustion or adrenal gland fatigue. 

More specifically, the saliva test said I was in the worst and end stage of adrenal deterioration. My cortisol levels were very, very low. Not a good situation! Well, let me tell you, I definitely felt like I was in the “end stages.” 

It didn’t surprise me that these glands were exhausted and that I was experiencing adrenal gland fatigue and exhaustion. You see, I felt like my whole body was completely exhausted. I am sure just about every organ and cell in my entire body was running insufficiently. 

Mostly, I had no energy to walk but very short distances and exercise was not even a remote possibility. Having the energy or mental capacity to make a simple phone call on many days was out of the question. But hold on here, some stories do have happy endings or should I say happy new beginnings… 

beautiful bike rideFor as a side note – I am happy to say I just completed (summer of 2008) a beautiful 23 mile bike ride with my family in the Sparta, Wisconsin area. It took us about four hours which included lunch and taking lots of photo shooting breaks. 

OK, my leg muscles were a bit sore on the ride back. In fact, they were sore for about a good 24 hours. I do think I need to get in better shape now and to prepare for a longer bike ride next year. 

But, what a thrill to have the strength to complete that bicycle ride. What a totally exhilarating day – forget the sore muscles! From no energy to walk to the front door on many days to bike riding 23 miles. Unreal! Yes, the body really can heal! 

sparta-bike-rideEight miles out of Sparta we came to this almost mile long fog filled tunnel, the longest bike tunnel in America. Good thing we had our flashlights! 

Everyone is now ready to ride through this impressive, dark tunnel that sprinkles one with its drops of mineral rich water falling from its ceiling. 


sparta rideWe all emerged from the very dark and wet tunnel journey. 

If you are dealing with adrenal fatigue syndrome, I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for you too! 


wish for better health


My wish for you is that your health and adrenal glands will also be restored – that you will go from adrenal gland fatigue to adrenal gland energy! 


Dr. Claire Weekes

To continue, thankfully, Dr. Claire Weekes writes about the adrenal glands in her book, Hope and Help for Your Nerves. 

I love Dr. Claire Weekes’s description of how these glands easily shoot off adrenalin after a prolonged state of stress. Those who have experienced prolonged severe anxiety can have the body shoot off adrenalin from something so simple as the wind blowing on their face. The whole body feels like it is frequently in a high alert ultra sensitized state. 

You can learn more about the truly remarkable Dr. Claire Weekes whose treating anxiety naturally methods have helped millions overcome their anxiety disorders. This Panic Away program beautifully incorporates Dr. Weekes’s overly sensitive nerves teachings into a highly effective overcome anxiety attacks naturally program. 

Dr. Weekes says after repeated tension, stress and anxiety, the adrenal glands get used to frequently secreting adrenalin. Over time and from this continual stress, this now slippery “trigger” much more easily fires and shoots off adrenalin. This “trigger” is easily “pulled” by these glands at the tiniest stressor or at times without apparent rhyme or reason. The adrenalin then quickly courses throughout the body. 

This adrenalin releasing “trigger” becomes well oiled from continually firing off as a result of the perpetual stress, worry, tension and habitual fear. 

The key is to get that “trigger” back to its normal more resistant “trigger” state so it is not always firing off at the smallest stressor. That is exactly how I felt. The “trigger” was constantly going off and I could not stop this over reaction. 

When I read about the overactive adrenals and “trigger” response, I thought that must have contributed to my diagnosed adrenal insufficiency. The continuous stress, well oiled the “trigger” on my adrenals. Hence, the frequently occurring flow of adrenalin just wore out my body, mind and led to adrenal gland fatigue syndrome. 

I had been told it can take a year, from two different natural health practitioners, for the exhausted adrenal glands to heal and for energy to resume. Unfortunately, this adrenal fatigue, actually whole body severe fatigue, went on for years

I believe the adrenal fatigue was not the culprit for my debilitating health symptoms. Stress, tension, worry, the habit of fear, and an inadequate diet led to out of balance nerves and increased my body’s toxicity. This out of balance and unhealthier state then caused various physical manifestations including the adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion. Thankfully, I learned about how to eat healthier and about the greatest nutritional researcher Dr. Weston Price

Adrenal Gland Fatigue Supplements Did Not Cure My Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal gland fatigue supplements or adrenal fatigue supplements did not cure my adrenal fatigue and toxic body. Getting a healthier body and mind was my adrenal fatigue cure. 

I had taken hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of adrenal fatigue supplements and other different nutritional type supplements, recommended by my natural health care practitioners, to support my adrenals and body. I felt some improvements with these supplements and I do believe there are some very good supplements on the market. However, even with taking all of these adrenal gland fatigue supplements and various other health supplements, my unhealthier state still largely continued. 

I wondered why in the world I would have to take so many health supplements to try to be well. This is crazy I thought. Something must be wrong for me to have to take so many of these health building supplements just to be able to somehow struggle to get through the day. Plus, the costs for all of these supplements were drastically draining our pocketbook. 

Adrenal Fatigue and Toxic Body

Well for me it was truly crazy and not necessary to have to take so many supplements – once I detoxed with a good colon cleanse product that is. For the reason I had to take so many darn supplements was because I was experiencing and living with an overly toxic body, autointoxication, that had developed from not taking better care of myself. For me, adrenal insufficiency and toxic body went together. 

"Excellent Colon Cleanse Program" - Eryn

Severe PMS Symptoms Be Gone

This autointoxication had negatively impacted all areas of my wellness including my hormone levels and adrenal gland health. Did I mention my hormones were fully tested? And I was given DHEA, and natural bioidentical progesterone hormones to try to address my imbalances. 

But once again, as I got healthier, I just felt better and better, each and every day. I did not feel like I needed all those supplements anymore. And since my perpetual, what I thought were various PMS symptoms that I actually experienced each and every day throughout the month totally vanished, (I read several PMS and hormonal imbalance books on the market hoping to find out what was wrong with my body so I could try to address the problem), I personally did not find the bioidentical progesterone cream – at this point in time – necessary either. 

Out with the Old Toxins in with Feeling Better

Here are my before and after the colon cleanse symptoms. Truly remarkable! 

My fatigued and toxic body state was being slightly countered from the “pump me up” supplements. However, once I brought down my toxic load with the Colonix, the adrenal gland fatigue supplements were by and large no longer necessary. 

OK, if you really doubt that humans harbor parasites, then check out this colonoscopy video featuring the famous intestinal roundworm and tapeworm

My body was now able to better function without a toxic colon perhaps spewing toxins through my colon wall and into my bloodstream. 

Awe healthier blood indeed! The colon cleanse helped me build healthier blood as did the superlative wheatgrass and barley grass juice. Viva la difference! 

Diagnostics Are Good “But Who Will Teach Me How to Get Well?”

Now if someone could have just taught me these natural healthy living tips before, I would be a lot richer for sure! But I had to find this out on my own. I thought all the medical doctor visits and natural health practitioner visits would have put me on the road to better health. They did help me a bit and I very much appreciate their many excellent diagnostic tests. 

In fact, my last outstanding doctor is also a chiropractor and he gave me some especially beneficial and healing adjustments. I wish I would have found him first. He was also the one that got me the extremely helpful anxiety relief supplements

But mostly, I had to figure out how to get well overcoming adrenal fatigue and toxic body on my own. I was forced – out of desperation to regain my health – to dig into this natural wellness and healthy living tips area. If only I would have learned this years earlier. Then I would not have been physically trapped in an unwell body for countless years, and would not have had to put my family through so much. 

Now that my adrenal fatigue syndrome and severe anxiety attacks are history, let me say what pure joy it is to not be spending thousands of dollars on every diagnostic test and supplement out there. What extreme gratitude I have for not having to spend about every day or week sitting in a doctor’s office, just hoping someone will tell me what I need to please get well again. 

My heart aches when I understand how better health is right around the corner for so many still suffering. I hope this natural healthy living tips website reaches those it may help, including you. That is why I created Health Banquet. 

I hope if you have adrenal insufficiency, my adrenal fatigue cure story will help you on some level so that you will return to a more balanced state and better health too. Please let me know. 

Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue it Finally Seemingly Vanishes

Once again, when I finally did the bowel cleanse and body detoxification with the Colonix program and then overcame my severe anxiety attacks, my state of complete exhaustion started lifting more and more each and every day. The detoxing Colonix best colon cleanse three part program tremendously helped me restore my health. 

Longer and Longer Periods of Wellness

You know when I was so very ill, I had one very kind health practitioner. I was in such a weak condition I could not even drive to my health appointment. She told me that on my healing journey I would experience longer and longer periods of wellness

You know, I just held on to that statement so tightlyAnd it was exactly true. The body does experience longer and longer periods of wellness until finally, you look over your shoulder and realize that unhealthy body with its pesky and debilitating poor health symptoms is Gone, Gone, Gone! 

Just a Regular Person Again

Now, I just feel like a regular person going through my life with all the typical ups and downs that we all experience. But, I do have a new understanding of how important it is to take care of our body and mind and I do have much more gratitude for this precious life. 

Here is a healing prayer that helped me on my road back to health. 

To continue, yes cleaning out the colon is nothing new. Even Jesus Christ talked about cleaning out the colon to expel impurities and improve health

As I mentioned on My Story page, I was able to hike for the first time in several years while on day 45 of my Colonix colon cleanse. You might be interested in my health restoration story which summarizes my entire journey to getting better again. 

Additionally, I am sharing my adrenal fatigue cure story, in hopes that this personal experience story will reach you and resonate with you. Because it really is true. The Colonix colon cleanse was a “lifesaver” for me. Understanding how to eat better was so important too, along with overcoming my anxiety attacks

My energy and stamina was largely absent during my unwellness. I was nowhere near the person I used to be. And it took me far too long to grasp the importance of the colon and how it affects the health of the entire body and one’s emotional health too

I hope for your benefit you are not a slower learner in this area like I was. I know how difficult it is to believe that a good colon cleanse can help with adrenal fatigue. I would not have believed it if I had not personally experienced it. 

The resulting decrease in body toxins from the phenomenal bowel cleanse clearly allowed an overall bodily healing to begin. This was both a physical and emotional health healing. My anxiety decreased and my joy for living started resuming. My brain started firing up again after being on hiatus for far too long. This colon cleanse was a highly effective component of my adrenal fatigue treatment. Please don’t disregard its importance for your health. 

You can read which anxiety relief supplements assisted me in treating anxiety naturally. 

Yes, the body can certainly restore itself to better health. Once again, highly effective tools to help me overcome adrenal fatigue were the nerve support supplements, applying Dr. Claire Weekes’s self help treating anxiety naturally methods, detoxed bowels and body with the best colon cleanse, plus an improved traditional foods diet allowed for my body to get healthier and to reestablish my peace of mind. The result from this was, happily, no more disabling adrenal gland fatigue and insufficiency and getting back to the person I used to be. 

After so many years of being trapped in an unwell and always exhausted body, I had finally, “Thank God,” found a great tool to help me get better. I found a healthier body led to my adrenal fatigue cure. 

Hello more energy and feeling better, and hasta la vista adrenal fatigue symptoms and adrenal fatigue syndrome! All the best to you too….

"Excellent Colon Cleanse Program" - Eryn

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