Colon Cleansing with Good Product is Very Beneficial

Can colon cleansing naturally be of value to you? I definitely believe it can, if done with a safe and effective colon cleansing product. 

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I hope my shared information helps you understand the value from cleansing the colon. I write more helpful information about the excellent Colonix here. The DrNatura Colonix testimonials convinced me to give this great health improving product a try. 

“All Diseases Begin In The Gut”
– Hippocrates

get better cleansingHere I am to the left several years ago. I had just hiked up a mountain. I was on day 45 of my Colonix colon cleanse. It was a very significant day and hike for me. 

For far too many years, I was trapped in an unwell body that had no energy to barely simply clap my hands. Certainly hiking and the energy needed for that, was out of the question. But because of the benefits of colon cleansing, on day 45 of my cleanse, and after eliminating much old waste which allowed my body to operate better, my energy started to slowly come back and I was able to have the energy hike again. 

I remember bending down and kissing the ground, at the top of the mountain where I hiked, and thanking God for the healing that I could feel was now taking place in my body. Here is my health improvement story

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I share many natural health building strategies at that I now incorporate into my routine to better take care of my health as I go through my life. I hope what I share here, like the benefits from cleansing the colon will help you too. 

To continue, because of experiencing the benefits of colon cleansing, and the resulting healthier body, I no longer spend far too many hours in one doctor’s office after another trying to figure out why my health was faltering in just about every area. So please don’t dismiss this herbal colon cleansing and detox idea, as it could be the catalyst for your health renewal also.

DrNatura’s Colonix helped me. The colon cleansing naturally program contains herbs to rid the body of toxins. The psyllium husk fiber supplement that is part of this best colon cleanse program is second to none. The entire colon cleansing naturally program addresses bowel problems, helps remove intestinal plaque, and absolutely helped revitalize my health, as this impressive best colon cleanse review and experience states. I write more on my outstanding Colonix review here

Removing old debris and toxins from my colon, dramatically helped turn my health around after years of trying to regain my energy and wellbeing. 

Colon Cleanse Greatly Assists In Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

I wish I would have understood the benefits of cleansing the colon years earlier. I know it helped my body to become stronger and better absorb my nutrition. As I became healthier, my symptoms of poor health went away including my adrenal fatique

Human Parasites Symptoms

You might find this worm in the brain video and parasites symptoms video quite fascinating. Even Jesus Christ reportedly explained the importance of cleansing the colon to remove worms and old waste. 

Personal Autointoxication Symptoms

Take a look at some of my own very disconcerting health symptoms experienced before I did the herbal colon cleanser with its cleansing herbs, to the noteworthy health improvements that occurred during and after this best colon cleanse. 

Many of my friends have also experienced great improvements in their wellbeing after doing the DrNatura Colonix colon cleansing naturally program. How great to see them looking and feeling healthier! 

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 The following helped to bring the sunshine back into my life and I know countless others. Eternal gratitude to the following: 
  • Effective colon cleansing product
  • The colon health educators of today
  • The colon health educators of years gone by whose intestinal health teachings still heal and inspire – especially Dr. Eli Jones who claimed a 95% cancer cure rate and truly understood the significance of a healthy gastrointestinal tract 

Health of Colon Impacts Entire Body

I never could have believed that the internal environment of the intestines is hugely responsible for the health of the entire body and also the mind. 

Processed and denatured nutrient deficient displacing foods, not enough essential raw foods with critically important live active enzymes for health, not enough lacto-fermented friendly bacteria rich foods, inadequate nutrition, a lack of exercise, too much stress, and increased toxins in our environment have contributed to our gastrointestinal problems. 

In my research, and as states Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management at Amazon, it was interesting to learn how a toxic colon and many times worm infested intestines could be impacting a person’s health in just about every conceivable area. Learn about many more frustrating autointoxification health symptoms associated with a poorly functioning colon. 

Outstanding Food For Health Researcher

Here is good information about better nutrition and best nutrition researcher, Dr. Weston Price. I will be sharing this helpful nutritional information in other pages in this website. 

Constipation Is Unbeknownst To Most People

When I first started going to my medical doctor and other natural health practitioners, I did not know to tell them that I had excess waste that just was not passing through my colon with regular bowel movements. I did not have that knowledge nor understanding. 

Did I have constipation? I didn’t think I had a problem in that area. I thought what was going in was coming out pretty well. 

I had no pain or stomach discomfort. I do not have a larger belly and I thought my bowel movements were more or less pretty normal. 

Dr. Bernard Jensen Bowel Care Expert

Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book titled Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management at Amazon backed up this point of not realizing the impaction and toxicity that could be existing in a person’s colon. 

He thought it was of great clinical importance the fact that daily movement of the bowel alone cannot, contrary to popular belief, be considered evidence of proper bowel function or lack of constipation. 

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C. (1908-2001) attended the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago many years ago. “In the college anatomy lab, autopsies were performed on 300 bodies. According to the histories of these deceased persons, 285 had claimed they were not constipated and had normal bowel movements, and only 15 had admitted they were constipated. 

“The autopsies, however, showed the opposite to be true – only 15 were found not to have been constipated. Some of the 285 persons had stated that they had as many as five or six bowel movements daily, yet the autopsies revealed that in some of them, the colon was twelve inches in diameter. The normal diameter of the colon is two to three inches. The bowel walls were encrusted with material that had been lodged there for a very long time.” 

(Please note the constipation in the right descending colon in the above photo.) 

Dr. Bernard Jensen’s above intestinal autopsy information helped me to realize how so much old sludge could be tucked away inside of me without even realizing it. 

“My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge.”
– Hosea 4:6            

Many people are suffering from unnecessary constipation or obstipation (severe constipation caused by intestinal obstruction). High numbers of intestinal worms can also cause constipation. 

Cleaning out the insides of the colon helps remove the old impacted fecal material that could be causing the various intestinal and digestive problems. Removing this old material and life robbing parasites could perhaps get to the root of intestinal problems which might also be manifesting as other bothersome health symptoms in the body. 

A healthier colon equaling a healthier mind and more balanced emotions was also a relationship I had not understood. I clearly realized this when right during and after my colon cleanse, my anxiety started decreasing drastically and my joy for life started to return. 

For adults in today’s world, I believe cleansing the colon of old waste will lead to more optimal health. I could not restore my health with nutritious food, expensive supplements and good thoughts. Again, for me, colon cleansing kick started the improvements. Exercise was out of the question because of my perpetual exhaustion and adrenal fatigue state. Plus, my troublesome symptoms were worse when I tried to exercise. 

Of course, once the colon is cleansed, it is also important to learn how to properly nourish the body to better maintain the health and better prevent poor health from occurring or reoccurring. Much information will be presented on nourishing foods and the incredible wheatgrass and barley grass juice on 

There Are Three Primary Ways To Clean The Colon:

  • Enema – Self administered flushing with warm filtered water of mostly lower end (sigmoid colon) of large intestine.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy – Colon hydrotherapy, colonics, or colon irrigation are all different terms for a practice that gradually and gently cleanses the entire large intestine by flushing with filtered warm water. Clients recline on a comfortable reclining bed during the 45 minute session. Water is slowly introduced from a narrow tube into the colon by a certified colon hydrotherapist as the client relaxes. When the water is released out of the colon, it flows out of the body through the tube and is flushed directly into the septic system.
  • You can better understand this procedure by viewing the following company’s video in which colon hydrotherapy is demonstrated with their equipment. In this simulated video, there is a simple demonstration and explanation of what colon hydrotherapy entails.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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  • Colon Cleansing Naturally Program – A program consisting of usually herbs and/or fiber or other highly absorbent natural substance to be swallowed which are designed to cleanse the small and large intestine.

They are all beneficial. However, for me, Colonix by DrNatura provided the big turn around in my health. If you are looking for an outstanding, safe, and effective herbal colon cleanser product, then I highly recommend DrNatura’s Colonix liver and colon cleansing naturally program. You can learn more about my personal experiences and Colonix review with this life renewing bowel cleanse product. 

Colonix Three Part Colon Cleansing Naturally Program And Cleansing Tips

colon intestines chartI believe the Colonix best colon cleansing product was especially effective for me because of its three part program. The three parts include the all natural colon cleanse powder or highly effective psyllium fiber supplement, the Paranil purifying herbal capsules and the KleriTea that helps move things along in the colon. 

Make sure to check out this colon cleansing tips page so your colon cleansing naturally with Colonix is even more successful. 

The old material that exited my body came from the small and large intestine. I did not have to administer any water flushing colon cleansing along with Colonix best colon cleansing product. 

Once again, the enema helps to remove much debris from many people’s lower large descending intestine. This lower large intestine would be the sigmoid colon. It is located beneath the descending colon and before the rectum. Sigmoid means S-shaped. The enema primarily cleanses the sigmoid colon unless more water is taken in and retained before releasing. 

The colon hydrotherapy is even more beneficial because of the larger amount of water put into the colon, thus flushing the entire large intestine. The water flows up the descending colon, across the transverse colon and down the ascending colon. 

colon cleansing egyptionsGetting a colon cleanse is definitely nothing new. The first recorded information on enemas was reportedly the Gods passing down this knowledge to the Egyptians about 1600 BC. Here you can learn about “Enemas Through the Ages.” 

Colon Cleansing Can Eliminate Or Reduce Intestinal Plaque, Parasites, and Worms

I believe an overly toxic, impacted with old stagnate waste, perhaps parasite and worm inhabited colon can negatively impact our health. If you are brave, view these shocking videos of live moving parasites such as the revolting roundworm and tapeworm in the human intestinal tract. 

The excessive stagnating toxins and impurities in the colon can pass through the colon wall and pollute the blood and create all kinds of havoc with one’s physical and mental health. These life inhibiting toxins can impair the proper functioning of the body and brain, dramatically reducing one’s vital force. 

Medical Research States Children Have Parasites

Parasite medical research on children even presents much disturbing data as to the high numbers of children, especially in undeveloped countries, that are infected with these health compromising organisms. 

This unhealthy intestinal environment also leads to foods not being properly broken down and thus not optimally absorbed into the bloodstream and body. Plus, to make matters worse, the parasites are stealing one’s nutrients – nutrients meant for you. After my life changing colon cleanse, I could much better feel the benefits of consuming good nutrition. 

Herbal Colon Cleanser Program Assists Elimination and Digestive Problems

Dr. Eli Jones, M.D. (1850-1933), Cancer, Its Cause, Symptoms and Treatment at Amazon was well aware of how proper digestion and elimination is critical to one’s health and essential for healthy blood. Cleaning out the colon via enemas was a part of his healing treatments for his ailing patients. Please click here to learn how this renowned cancer curing eclectic medical doctor always strongly believed indigestion and constipation issues must be addressed in order for the body to heal itself. 

I hope I can convince you as to the many health promoting benefits of colon cleansing naturally with this colon cleanse review and personal experience story. 

I have created this website to educate you on how you can take an active role in improving your health. I truly hope the healthy living tips at will help you if you are struggling to regain your health or simply trying to find out how to get healthier. 

Body Contains Blueprint For Good Health

Remember, the body wants to be healthy. The body truly contains a blueprint for good health. Focus in on improving your digestion and elimination – the body cannot help but respond positively. I was amazed at the greatly increased wellbeing that followed from doing a colon cleanse with a safe and effective product. 

The body will stay healthier when properly cared for and maintained. It is vitally important to learn how to better maintain one’s internal body. It is important to stop doing those things that are destroying health. Pull in those wise practices that build health like colon cleansing naturally and detoxing, eating nutritional foods, taking out unhealthy dietary choices, and focusing on the beauty of life. Spend time learning about the top nutrition researcher in the world, Dr. Weston Price

key better healthI hope my presented information communicates the benefits of a good natural colon cleanse that I was able to receive. Colon cleansing could be the key to opening up the door to feeling better too. 

Cleanse, Nourish, Heal
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