How and Why to Make Divine SOAKED FLOUR Bread – For Easier Digestion and Optimized Nutrition

divine soaked flour bread

In How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread I share my easy and widely popular “one of a kind” homemade bread recipe which uses properly prepared soaked flour and that is highly nutritious. 

Properly soaking flour will break down the gluten and other difficult-to-digest proteins, making it easier on your digestion. Also, antinutrients are broken down and additional vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from the ground seeds (grain) are created and released. Plus it tastes great! This soaking of the flour prior to making your bread is a very wise step for you to take! 

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I hope my book will not only teach you how to make my nourishing unique bread recipe, but will lift your spirits too! 

Back in 2008 when I initially shared my scrumptious soaked flour bread recipe, I never could have imagined how this recipe would become so popular. I received correspondence from new and seasoned breadmakers around the world thrilled with the fact they had successfully made delicious tasting homemade bread – and mastered the fine art of soaked flour breadmaking.

They very much appreciated the fact that this unique recipe taught them for the first time, in easy to follow, complete, step-by-step instructions, how to “pre-treat” the whole wheat flour properly to bring forth a more nutritious, easier to digest and friendlier to the gut, amazing tasting homemade bread! The precision of this recipe perfected over the years, with the correct ratios of ingredients, brought forward a masterpiece! 

It is currently available as a PDF download – click orange button below. 

Go for the Authentic Gold Standard!

delicious soaked flour breadIf you don’t have the right, extremely clear instructions and ratios of ingredients, it will flop, you will waste your time and money, and the bread will certainly not be “divine.” Or worse yet, you may give up because of your disappointment.

So, go for the “Gold” here. And go for “divine,” not “yucky” and not just “OK.” You don’t want to settle for less. You, your sophisticated palate, and your gut deserves the best! 

amazing soaked flour bread

Many wanted this longer and more intricate recipe, with its accompanying essential background information nicely compiled, so this book was born!

Alright, so ready to learn the art of soaked flour breadmaking with my recipe so you can greatly impress your family and friends with your breadmaking skills? Ready to get the fun rollin’? Don’t wait too long to “jump on this fun bandwagon” of soaked flour breadmaking! You’ll never know what you have been missing out on, until you try this recipe! 


  • My popular divine soaked flour bread recipe that has been perfected so there is the perfect level of moisture, and ratio of ingredients for optimum high quality bread
  • Learn just how much water should be in the soaking flour, what is too moist, what is not moist enough
  • The reason to soak you flour first, why it is incredibly beneficial, and how to best perform this task 
  • Why there is all the buzz about phytic acid – is it a friend or foe?
  • Over 50 questions regarding soaked flour breadmaking answered in exceptional detail for guidance and depth of understanding on this subject – allowing you to learn much from this valuable dialogue to take your soaked flour education to a deeper level and make even better bread. And you will thus be exposed to a heartwarming community of breadmakers around the world 
  • Explains the difference between sprouted grain bread and soaked flour bread
  • Gives the whole wheat flour shelf life
  • Why selecting high quality wheat is very important
  • How to obtain wheat grain in bulk and store properly
  • You can adapt the soaking principles and proper instructions in this book with your favorite bread recipes, and with your own grains and ingredients
  • Plus so much more…

Yes, this is the incredible whole wheat bread recipe your friends and family members have told you to head on over to Health Banquet to get. 

perfect soaked flour bread

Currently Available as a PDF Download Here

You can immediately download it as a PDF by clicking the below orange button, read it on your computer in beautiful color, or print out a full-color PDF version right from your printer.  

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Comments From Breadmakers that Have Made this Soaked Flour Bread Recipe 

Amazing whole wheat bread recipe. 
– Adora from Qatar 

The whole wheat homemade bread turned out great! It is so good. 
– Leah from Texas 

This is a wonderful soaked flour bread recipe. 
– Anne from Australia 

Finally, success with this soaked flour bread recipe. 
– Lynne from Benton, Kansas 

Great Spelt bread made with soaked flour recipe. 
– Laura from Pinckney, Michigan 

This is the first time I’ve baked homemade bread and BOY! Am I glad I did this!! My husband is very happy, too! 
– Raquel from New Orleans, Louisiana 

As a matter of fact, I just had a P.B. & J on this wonderful, delicious, and healthy bread. The recipe is perfect! I followed your instructions to a tee
– Kathleen from Arizona 

Your recipe was the best recipe I ever tried. Not only was it easy, but the results were terrific! 
– Jane 

This is the best homemade bread recipe made from soaked flour! It turns out soft and fluffy, keeps well and the directions were easy to follow. 
– Christine from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 

Yummy! I have four young children and all my hard work was worth watching them lick their fingers clean after each piece of bread. I had no idea my two year old had such an appetite! Two thumbs up from the kids! 
– Michelle from Wisconsin 

This is the best bread recipe ever! Now to control eating this delicious bread..LOL. Thanks! 
– Mizm from Canada 

My homemade bread turned out great on the first try! I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high knowing it was my first attempt with this recipe..and it was so easy! 
– Sarah from Grandville, Michigan 

Great taste and totally awesome! The homemade bread turned out beautiful. I will never buy another loaf of bread again. 
– Helen from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

The bread looked beautiful and tasted great! Thanks..this will be my new homemade bread recipe! 
– Michelle from Indiana 

OMG! We’re eating it right now and my daughter keeps asking, “More please!” 
– Keala from Bend, Oregon

Why An “eBook”? 

How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour BreadIf you want a PDF copy, click the below orange button. One click is all it takes and you pay with PayPal, the oldest, safest and most secure on-line payment method, where you can use any credit card.   

After purchasing safely through PayPal, you will be given an instant download link from E-junkie to access your divine soaked flour book.  Simply click on that link.  Be sure to save or print out your eBook, as the download link will expire after 5 download attempts.  

If you have any problems downloading your eBook (and please double-check your email address you type in) contact me and I will get it to you right away.  I know you want to get started with making your soaked flour bread as soon as possible…. 


soaked flour bread ejunkie 7 99




  1. Does the recipe use oil or fat of any kind? I am looking for ways to make bread that do not use oil.

    • My soaked flour bread recipe calls for olive oil, but some replace it with coconut oil. You can experiment and make it without any oil and see how you like it Kathy. Thanks for the question!

  2. Your way of explaining the whole thing in this piece of writing is actually good, everyone is able to easily understand it, Thanks a lot.

  3. Judith Perrett says:

    Can you process this dough in a bread maker, as this is what I use, to make my rolls, and loaf?

    • Yes, absolutely you can process your dough in a bread maker Judith, or you can mix your dough by hand too. You can use whatever tool you would like to process your dough. Personally, I use the Bosch mixer, but use what you have access too. Have fun!

  4. Sandra Phillips says:

    Do you offer a printed copy of your book “How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread”?
    Sandy Phillips

    • At this time, “How and Why to Make Divine Soaked Flour Bread” is available as a PDF copy through my website. And it is available at Amazon in the digital Kindle version. Thanks for letting me know you would like it in a printed out version. I will post back here, if I get it made into that version. All the best to you Sandra!

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